A Spring Full of Spongers The essence of Tarpon Springs High School

Tarpon Springs High School

I love everything about the Tarpon Springs' spirit, as a school and as a home to grow up in. We have a high hoping and sometimes winning football team along with a pretty snazzy culinary program for the kids that like to do fun things like cook exotic meals. The students here are absolutely zany people, just wacky characters who are all extremely neato in almost every aspect.

Our spirit is a large part of our school. I asked Cooper Carothers what the school spirit was to him and his response was, "Freedom and expression". (and some weird stuff like how much he loves Donald Trump) but other than that, I would most definitely agree because in Countryside High School, students aren't able openly express themselves with clothes. Other schools often make their students wear specific things and have some sort of dress code.
Us Spongers take great pride in the facet of ourselves and our appearance to others. One thing we stand out with is ours colors, even though the Greek flag is Blue and White ours is White and Maroon. And we use these colors to show our essence and spirit. School spirit is a lot like faith, you either have it or you don’t. Its taking pride in being a part of a community with your peers and teachers, a community of people not much different from yourself. School spirit is taking time to support your school’s integrity and believing that its good name is a direct reflection upon yourself. School spirit is essentially drawn from the students that have it, without students that truly believe in supporting their school in all of its endeavors, school spirit wouldn’t exist. School spirit is what drives people to put their school name on clothing and cars as well as other flashy things to advertise their school as though they are bragging.
School spirit differs from place to place because of the students. School spirit has to come from your thoughts and ideas as well as the heart, and if the heart isn’t there, neither is the school spirit. When you go from school to school or even year-to-year, you can usually see an obvious difference between them. The difference is the people, the students, the individuals that come together under the name of our school, Tarpon Springs High.

When students feel a sense of efficacy and our confident academically, they tend to be more involved, more in tune with the great opportunities which exist on their campus. If they are not doing well in school, they are not involved in athletics or many of the activities. Additionally, they do not take personal responsibility for not doing well and tend to blame the school, or other factors. They will state ‘they don’t care.’Students who are achieving strongly tend to be involved in all of the aspects of high school. They join clubs, they start clubs, they participate indifferent events, activities and athletics on site. They get THE HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE


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