If You've Got The Money By Lefty Frizzell

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1950 | Country

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“Yes, we'll go honky tonkin' make every club in town. -- We'll go to the park where it's dark, we won't fool around. -- But if you run short of money, I'll run short of time. -- 'Cause you with no more money, honey, I've no more time."


  • The song hit #1.
  • William Orville "Lefty" Frizzell was born March 31, 1928.
  • Frizzell was born the son of an oilman and the first of eight children.
  • This is the second song ever recorded by Lefty Frizzell during his very first session with Columbia Records in July 1950.


Luke Tatum

Well, well, well. If this ain't the attitude of the US Empire to a T. "If you've got the money, I've got the time," gives way to "But if you run short of money, I'll run short of time" and eventually "'Cause you with no more money honey, I've no more time." How does this apply to the Empire? Well, how doesn't it? This is how "we" treat our allies: When they are no longer useful, they are cut off or turned into an enemy. This is how the news cycle works: If a story is bringing in the ratings--even if it is false--the media runs with it as long as they can. This is absolutely how the voting public seems to choose politicians. Promises of huge wealth transfers grant you a position of power, but as soon as you stop delivering on the welfare, you're out.

Sherry Voluntary

Isn’t that what we all want? A little extra to go have some fun on. That’s one of the advantages of the wealth creation of capitalism. Before the industrial revolution people toiled from morning until night just to survive. With the industrial revolution came capital formation, which allowed people to produce more than they needed and create more wealth. Markets have existed as long as humans, but the advent of capitalism brought prosperity. Meaning people had more money, more time, or both. Sounds like honkey tonking time!

Nicky P

I know it's silly and maybe we're reaching here but this song is perhaps a great example of some basic economic theory. From an austrian perspective everything humans do is based on human action. A desired outcome leads us to act. This action is taken on behalf of a perceived value. This particular man is illustration that he values the company of the woman only if she pays. Is lefty America's first male escort? I can't be certain but perhaps. Whether or not he was the first he is setting up the expectations for a transaction between consenting adults...at least we hope adults, he did do time for cheating on his wife with a minor.

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Nicky P