Good Life Performance By: Shana dandinashira

The Spatial Experience: The setting of the theatre was very spacious, there was enough room to walk in and out of the rows. The seats were all angled and directed toward the stage which allowed for better focus and concentration of the play. When I walked in the room, I noticed the stage props, the music, and the mood lighting that made me feel excited to see what was to come. When the lights deemed and the audience became quiet, I felt anxious and well as the excitement because I was curious as to what was going to happen. The size of the audience contributed to the play as there were more people involved in the play in terms of laughing and clapping. Many individuals including myself were enjoying the play thoroughly shown through our vocal reactions. A place can help exemplify the good life as one must feel comfortable and happy in where they are to project that upon their life.

The Social Experience: I attended the play by myself, however, I did not mind as I was able to connect with the people that were sitting around me. I met two girls as we were walking in the theatre as we bonded on having a difficult time finding the correct place. We ended up sitting next to each other where we shared laughs and thoughts about the play. To get ready for the performance, I read the description that was posted as well as the other information to help me get and idea of what the play was going to entail. Sharing these experiences with the people that I met in the performance allowed me to realize that being around others makes experiences that much more cherishable. I believe that in order to attain the good life, one must allow themselves to form all types of relationships whether it just be a friend or more.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: Before attending this performance, I knew that it was set in the 1900's in Quebec from reading over the study guide. The main issue is that Sarah Bernhardt is not permitted to perform as the Catholic Church prohibited her due to the controversial issues that are displayed. The two boys, Talbot and Michaud, are sent to give her a letter regarding her inability to perform where they are swept under her wing to receive guidance. The ethical issues that were prominent in this play related to inequalities between religions and cultures as well as the impact of theatre on people. I have experienced culturally differences as there has definitely been someone who vocalized that they were superior to me based on their own culture. Also, after watching this play I would agree that theatre definitely has great influences of people who watch them as you learn about important and worldly issues in a unique way.

The Emotional Experience: I believe that The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us with an opportunity of catharsis because through each characters explicit acts, different cultures and religion are shown, that allow us as the viewer to learn and discover differences. For example, In Quebec, the Catholic Church ran mostly everything such as hospitals and educational systems and a priest was allowed to make twice as much as an average worker. This clearly seems unfair and in my opinion, should not be allowed to occur simply because of one specific religion. All religions should have equal importance and should not be in control of economic, social, and political aspects. Being able to reflect on ideas such as this, allows us to apply what we have learned from the play to our lives and the world in order to promote things such as equality and prove that we can be humanly better.

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