Causes of the French Revolution

Reign of terror


People are being slaughtered by there own people. They are being sentenced to death for petty crimes that they may have not committed. They are being decapitated, their heads are put on sticks and marched around the village. Terrorizing your own people will cause an outrage.

Nepoleon Bonaparte villain or hero

Nepoleon Bonaparte is a hero. He had very little power but he promoted himself to rise above the terror. He took on his own battles when the higher power said he shall not succeed. Him and other willing citizens fought the English and won. Helping the French Revolution.

America was happy to deal with the English to help the French establish the freedom they deserved. They where happy every time a victory was made by the French. The George Washington pet posed a treaty of alliance with france during there Revolution. America let the French use the ports to attack Brittan.

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