Good Life Tour of the Harn By Colin stanton

Me standing next to the Nets-Infinity by Yayoi Kusama

This artwork, "Nets-Infinity" by Yayoi Kusama, is a very unique piece in the Harn. The picture does not do it justice; it makes the artwork seem as though it is a random pattern of white dots on a red background when in reality it is much more. Seeing this in person changes your perspective and shows you that this painting is much more. The piece was made by painting acrylic on canvas, which gives it a 3D appearance. The piece communicates a sense of astonishment and wondering about the purpose behind the piece. Its minimalistic approach coupled with the 3D appearance struck me as unique and refreshing compared to other pieces.

Close up of "Nets-Infinity"
The Rock Garden in the Asian Art Wing at the Harn

This is one of my favorite exhibits at the Harn. It's a simple rock garden meant to evoke essences natural elements and is attached to the Harn to juxtapose the rest of the modern, indoor museum. Its minimalism helps puts you at ease and helps you reflect on nature. The wing makes you feel relaxed and open.

Me standing next to "Sheep Wranglers" by Justine Kurland

This piece of artwork titled "Sheep Wranglers" strongly appeals to one of my most important core values: Family and friends. This piece depicts a group of several school kids spending time together outside in a peaceful environment while shepherds quietly do their job. It appeals to my value of family, spending quality time with those I love in a safe and peaceful environment. The visual representation of this gives me a better understanding and appreciation of that value by showing that I should be in a more peaceful state of mind when spending time with friends and family and I should give them my undivided attention, especially with me now away from them. The picture instills in me a peaceful, happy emotion, and I enjoy looking at this artwork very much. It helps me better understand my beliefs of family and friendship by expanding my view in it and teaching me to be more open to spending quality time with my family.

Closer look at "Sheep Wranglers"
Me standing alongside "Three Men at Union Square"

"Three Men at Union Square" by Isabel Bishop is a pleasant piece depicting 3 men looking at a women while chilling at the Union Square. This artwork conveys the Good Life theme of celebrating. It does so by telling the story of three men discussing life and the world around them at a public square, content with their lives and doing ok enough in life to be able to take time out of their day to enjoy life. Upon closer inspection, however, one also sees the women the 3 men are looking at is no ordinary women. Bishop put her there as a way to symbolize and celebrate women being successful in a male-dominated world. This adds to my understanding of the theme of celebration by showing two sides of it; the men who celebrate the good life by enjoying life and taking time out of their day to do so, and the women who rose above adversity to be successful and celebrates it by showing the world her grit and mobility.

Closer look at "Three Men at Union Square"

All of these pictures were taken by my friend Sedric Nick, a 2nd year telecoms major.

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