Good Life Tour of the Harn By Christie Ger, Section 08AB

Old Man's Cloth created by El Anatsui, really appeals to me in its medium and technique. The reason why it was so appealing to me was because the technique he used to create this piece was quite amazing. El Anatsui created this piece using luminous metallic tapestry from thrown away bottle tops of brand-name liquor bottles which were introduced from the colonists. This work exemplifies the country's colonial legacy while also highlighting the patterns of consumption and waste. When looking at this art piece in person rather than online or in pictures, you can see the different metal types and 3D dimensions as you walk past it. It is much bigger than it looks in pictures, which along with the gleaming metal and dimensions gave me a more overwhelming sense of appreciation for the piece and its story. The different uses of the copper and aluminum strips along with the bottle caps all woven into a cloth was super striking to me. It communicated a sense of "anything can be art" type feel since this piece clearly hows that even scraps and thrown away trash can be created into something beautiful. The artwork made me feel in awe because of its creativity, gleaming and shiny appearance, and its uniqueness.
The Asian Collection section of the museum really appealed to me because the design of the wing touches on all aspects of Asian culture including: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. There is even a branch off wing of Korean pottery and art pieces. When you walk in, you are surrounded by glass cases with different elements of pottery from different place, but mainly China and its different dynasties. Against the walls, there are bigger glass cases of pottery, statues, and art pieces while on the floor in the middle are really big art pieces. The lighting on the sides are really appealing, and really compliment the bamboo-looking ceiling. The most appealing about this wing would have to be the bug windows you see right you walk in showing you the garden outside. The natural sunlight really adds to the look of the art pieces and the ability to look out and see a little pond and bridge. This wing made me feel really relaxed and due to the natural lighting and view of the garden.
A core value that I instill in my life everyday is the value of family. The piece Family, by Agustin Cardenas in 1991, displays the relationship between two parent figures who are joined together with a child sitting on their legs. This appeals to my core value of family because I personally believe that family is extremely important for someone's happiness, morals, and personality. This piece really made me think deeper about the meaning of family, and how just one more family member makes a difference in a person's life, views, and experiences. It reaches into a more personal level and even makes you wonder about your future when you will have a husband and kids. This artwork evoked a sense of longing in me since I am in college away from my family. Since it gave me this feeling, it helped me have a better understanding of how important time with family is and how we should cherish every moment we have with them.
This ancient sculpture of Buddha highlighted the Good Life theme of Seeking. Seeing this piece that represented Buddhism reminded me about the reading "Siddhartha" where Siddhartha tried to find enlightenment through different ways, one of which was through Buddhism. Siddhartha tried many different traditions and ways to find out how to reach enlightenment, which comes to show how there so many different beliefs and cultures in the world. In the sculpture, you can tell that Buddha's expression and demeanor presents a sense of peace for the self. This ties in with the theme of seeking because it shows that we need to find peace and focus on ourselves internally rather than externally. This artwork allowed me to further appreciate the theme of seeking because it physically showed me the peace of mind one needs to have in order to keep our lives fulfilling.
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