OH MY GODDESS! A Comedy of Biblical Proportions

Winner of the UNITED SOLO AWARD, for BEST AVANT GARDE Performance

-- The United Solo Festival of 2016



45-175 Fargo Street, Indio, CA


June 10th & June 11th

Saturday 7:00pm, Sunday 2:30pm & 7:00pm

  • $30.00 - General Admission
  • $25.00 - Senior Disc. (Ages 55+)

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“Mother Earth, aka comic genius Sherry Glaser, wags her finger lamenting, 'What have we done to the Earth?' and slowly pulls a plastic bag out of her mouth, proving her point."

-- Toke of the Town Blog (2016)

Sherry as Miguel D’ Cervantes in "OH MY GODDESS"
"(Oh My Goddess) uses Glaser’s experience allegorically, as a springboard into the Universal. It's also a humorous forum for her progressive world view.”

-- The Los Angeles Times


"Wow wow wow! Yes! Really really extraordinary. A Gift. Thank you. "

-- Paul G. Hawken


"Devilishly clever, continually funny, touching, ... She gives great theater."

-- Michael Parenti, Author & Political Scientist

Sherry as 'Ma'


A Comedy of Biblical Proportions

Sherry Glaser, author and star of FAMILY SECRETS the longest running one woman show in off-Broadway history, returns to the stage with a timeless comedy the likes of which no one has ever seen in her solo show: Oh My Goddess!

These are undoubtedly the most anxious, unpredictable times the world has ever seen. Millions suffer and millions more worry about what terrible events are coming soon. Many wonder what God is doing and will he come to help us? Every major religion in the world prescribes to a Father God. A big Daddy in the Sky; Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha; all men. Sherry Glaser starring as the Goddess, the Jewish mother of us all, asks the question.

How can you have a Father without a Mother? You know better.

It is this premise that gives OMGS! It’s potent message that we are all born of a mother and it’s time to tell her side of the Creation Story. Herstory not History. With her bounteous bosom and immortal wit Ma cooks up some supper and explains how we were conceived after a couple of trial runs, think dinosaurs, and offers her remedy for the world not by “commandments” but in a “To Do List” that she left on the tree of knowledge in the garden before she took a 5,000 year long nap.

Didn’t you get my note? I said, “The Girls are in charge!"

Being a Deity, it’s difficult for Ma to incarnate until she chooses her unlikely anti-hero Miguel De Cervantes. Sherry also plays Miguel who has lived a clichéd life of food service and waiting on tables until he becomes the vessel through which Ma comes through. After revelations made to him by a psychic named Reality, who tells him, “You’ve been a waiter in every one of your past lives. You were the waiter at the Last Super. You are now ready for true service” With her guidance Miguel clears his chakras and prepares to be the channel for return of the Great Mother in her effort to save her children and the earth itself.

About Sherry Glaser

Sherry Glaser is on a Mission from Goddess!

Many will remember the iconic Blues Brothers John Belushi and Dan Akroyd on a mission from God. Well, Sherry Glaser with classic comedy, delicate poignancy and intelligent socio/political analysis has spent her career championing the Feminine through theater and believes her purpose is to bring you an important message from our sponsor…The Mother Goddess!

With the world in complete political and environmental turmoil Sherry believes that elevating the Feminine in the world of entertainment brings much needed Comic relief. Her message from the Motherland is that if you’re sick and tired of it all…The mother is here to comfort you and even if your heart is breaking, Laughter is the Best Medicine

In her award winning and record breaking One Woman Show – FAMILY SECRETS – Glaser first expressed the hidden feminine in hilarious and sacred ways with her reenactment of the home birth of her daughter. Glaser’s depiction of the women in her family and her Father though physical comedy and sincere vulnerability gave her work a very broad appeal through a profound (radical) female perspective.

Maturing into motherhood resulted in the writing and producing of OH MY GODDESS! A Comedy of Biblical Proportion.

Here Sherry captures the most basic of life’s mystery of how life began through her Character of “Ma” The Great Jewish Mother of us all. Tired of the Patriarchal stranglehold on God, Glaser created Ma to tell her side of the CREATION STORY so it makes sense.

She says, “I read your father’s book. He doesn’t even mention my name. And I hated the ending.”

While she cooks up a feast for the Audience Ma explains how She and God first met and the explosive chemistry between them. Ma, however does not appear alone. She is channeled through another beloved character, Miguel D’ Cervantes Glaser’s long time Enlightened Chicano so devoted to the Mother that he consents to offer his body as a vessel.

Sherry as Miguel D’ Cervantes in "OH MY GODDESS"

Ms. Glaser herself suffered a tragic and mysterious loss of her husband/co-writer/Director Greg Howells at the debut of OMGS! The dynamic couple who were so successful with FAMILY SECRETS opened OMGS! at the Carl Cherry Theater in Carmel in June of 1997. Midpoint in the run Howells disappeared off the 13th hole at a golf-course one evening and was never to be seen again. Glaser, now had the awesome responsibility of raising her two daughters alone and saw her career take a detour. OMGS enjoyed audiences all over California, but with her husband missing

Sherry wasn’t equipped to take the show back to NY until The United Solo Festival of 2015 where after only one showing of OMGS! Sherry won the UNITED SOLO AWARD – for BEST AVANT GARDE Performance

The mystery of Greg Howells continues to this day along with the Esoteric life that Sherry has been leading for the past ten years living in Mendocino County and Being a Leading Activist in the Medical Marijuana movement.

Sherry and her wife who was a pot farmer, opened the first Cannabis Dispensary in the village of Mendocino in 2011. Enamored with the powerful medical benefits of the plant (treatments for cancer, arthritis, epilepsy, etc) Sherry was also very cognizant that the plant medicine comes only from the Female plant again lending itself to the ongoing Feminine Nature Sherry gravitates toward.

A subsequent RAID of her home and dispensary by Federal and Local Agencies in 2014 took Ms. Glaser and her employees to Jail for the night and began her long struggle back to Normal life. Her Cannabusiness reopened but she was under investigation for three years.

The stress and struggle of her life as a Pot Wife led her to write her latest One-woman Show. TAKING THE HIGH ROAD (Comic Confessions from Behind the Cannabis Curtain).

One again Sherry invokes the power of the Feminine through Miguel’s 2016 Campaign for President, Her Grandma Rose’s (of Family Secrets Fame) first trip to the Pot Store and Her mother “Bev” (Also of Family Secrets) making the choice between Cannabis and Shock Treatment to deal with her depression. In Act 2 she shares her journey on The High Road and her tools for self care in Dangerous times.

TAKING THE HIGH ROAD (Comic Confessions from Behind the Cannabis Curtain) written & performed by Sherry Glaser

All along the way Ms. Glaser has continued her writing career and has been featured in a number of anthologies as well as Self- publishing a Manuscript left by her mother, Shelly Glaser entitled THE FIRST PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR CRAZY PEOPLE (Making the Best of Mental Illness). Sherry’s mother believed she was descendant of the Mary. Sherry knows all this influences her work as well and uses writing and theater as anti-depressants to maintain her own mental health.

With the feminine always Front row and Center Sherry is the founder of BREASTS NOT BOMBS a group dedicated to peace demonstrations.

She hosts a monthly radio broadcast, called ‘GOOD VIBRATIONS’ on Community radio KzYX in mendocino County. Sherry also offers workshops on Emotional relief and Women’s empowerment.

With her voluptuous curves and Unique groundbreaking humor Sherry Glaser as author, Actress, Goddess, Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Potwife, Cross-dresser, Feminist, and Comedienne, is the epitome of the Feminine. She puts the SHE in Sherry.




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