Father Augustine Fernando Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Augustine Fernando | St. Killian's, Farmingdale NY

Submitted by: Patty Knap

Although Fr. Gus is in retirement (age 83), he's very active in his parish and community. When the coronavirus hit, a local rosary group I'm part of decided to switch from weekly to daily virtual rosaries, and Fr. Gus joined in with us. He had already been involved with our Rosary group, sometimes joining us in person. Once we went virtual, he would lead us in a spiritual Communion and give us a blessing at the end of the Divine Mercy and Rosary prayers. He's interested in each one of us, our lives, situations, prayer requests and always makes times to talk to us individually, in spite of several ongoing health conditions.

For over 25 years Fr. Gus has led a monthly healing Mass at St. Anastasia's in Douglaston, NY especially for those hoping to conceive. For an article I wrote on his healing ministry (below), I spoke to a number of couples who credit the prayers of this holy priest for their child. He became so renowned for this healing gift that people would come from out of state to be prayed over by him.

The history of amazing miracles that have come through Fr. Gus have reminded me of the power of God and of prayer, and that God still works through people. He's taken the time to help guide me through personal struggles. His devotion to the Blessed Mother and total trust in God have also helped strengthen my faith.

His long term dedication and service to the people.

Link: The Healing Ministry of Father Gus