Tiger Sharks Lydia hall

  • They are very aggressive and that makes them stop at nothing to get food and eat anything in front of them. known as "the wastebasket of the sea".
  • Have stripes that are different in color, design, and size as camouflage. The stripes fade as they get older.
  • Its body is long and the snout is not pointed but mainly flat, Because the jaw is square shaped giving it more strength to bite down.
  • The teeth have both a cutting and sawing region, there are 24 identical teeth in the top and bottom jaws.
  • Native people on the Hawaiian Islands consider them secrete and very powerful.
  • Their low reproduction rate makes them venerable to being on the threaten species list.

Moto: I'm on a seafood diet, I see food and I eat it.


Created with images by JoshBerglund19 - "Tiger Shark" • oldandsolo - "A massive Sand tiger Shark swims by"

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