Irving Penn Journey Tenant, B1

Irving Penn, specialized in many form of photography throughout his years of work. Some of his forms of art are editorial illustration, advertising, photo journalism, portraits, still life, travel, and television. This is a form of his portraits in one of his many series "corner" that had the subject(s) position in a small corner (sharper than 90°) created with two studio flats pushed together and a carpet on the floor. The photographic studio ceases to be a neutral environment to become an active agent in the creation of the photographic reality.
Irving Penn started off in a public school, then he attended Philadelphia Museum School of Art from 1934 to 1938. He later trained for being an art director, he worked two summers for "Harper Bazaar" Magazine. His first job was an art director of the "Junior League" Magazine.
In 1943 Penn published his first Vogue cover of colored still life autumn fashion accessories being the very first still life cover in history. He later went on in 1944 to publish his first portrait and fashion cover for vogue. His approach to covers were bold and out going and held a meaning behind them so that people could capture what he was trying to say in a outgoing way.
In 2001 Irving Penn published his nude portrait of the dance Alexandra Beller. The meaning behind the picture was to show it's depth and meaning behind the imperfection of the women body and show how they all differ. This portrait took three days of shooting to find the perfect way to capture the body without a negative impact.
Penn became famous because he photographed a large number of celebrities, engaging each subject to sit for hours and to reveal his or her personality to the camera. In his portraits the subject is usually posed before a bare backdrop and photographed in natural northern light. The resulting images combine simplicity and directness with great formal sophistication.

In my opinion what I found most interesting about his work was the quality and depth in each photo he took. There was never a dull picture where he just had nothing going on each subject managed to make their picture have you feel something. I like that he expressed himself through the pictures and really showed that he was different then other photographers. He opened up and allowed himself to try new things and adventure out so that he knew his work would be the best possible. For the most part I believe his pictures speak volume and really done need a description to make to understand and feel whats going on in the picture.

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