The New Normal at PHS By kinsey mcbride

Here is an inside look as to what Paoli Jr. Sr. High school has been doing through out this pandemic!

Many sports have changed due to the pandemic. Cheerleaders now have to wear masks while stunting. This picture was taken by Jill Coleman.
Teachers have became slicker with their new ways of teaching. In this picture, Mrs. Shellenburger has changed her room by making a stand that she can taker her mask off but still be safe. This photo was taken by Mckenzie Robertson.
Here, Angie Ceja has to wear a mask while directing. She is within six feet of others, but this is not normal.
New signs have been put up around PHS. Staying six feet away, wearing masks and washing your hands have been the most common. Please remember to do these things to stay healthy!
Teachers and students have been doing amazing wearing their masks no matter what. Teacher and student both wear their masks.
Here, Mr. Stroud had been quarantined. Due to this, he zoomed his classes to not miss a beat. Mr. Stroud and Junior Marcus McGuire take a virtual picture showing how the two weeks without him had been.
Hand sanitizer dispensers had been set up through out all of PHS. Students use this to keep germs away and protect their classmates from germs. Here, senior Payton Ashley does her part in protecting others with just using some hand sanitizer!
Students working on projects together are still able to be close together, but their masks need to remain on. In this photo, sophomores Jackie Crews and Nolan Walker work on a project but still remain cautious and keep their masks on.
This teacher has decided to wear a face shield. With this, he is dodging the mask but still keeping his distance from students and keeping his germs to himself. Mr. Lindley prefers wearing this shield "I prefer to wear a face shield, because it's easier for my voice to carry through out the classroom."
In Mrs. Andry's second period Anatomy and Physiology class, she has set up her classroom to seat all students six feet apart so they are able to take their masks off. In this photo, junior Mckenzie Robertson is working on an assignment with her mask off being able to do so with Mrs. Andry's seating arrangments!
Across the street in the vocational building, Mrs. Zher's robotic class has been extremely busy! The students are working on programming robots to pick up balls to put into holes. While still having fun and learning these skills, the students still do their part to wear their masks. In this photo, sophomore Brandon Cook and junior Kennon Scott set up their robots to go against each other.