Star Board - Term Four Week Three St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

If by the time you receive this you have not seen Mary Poppins, quickly read this and then make your way to school for a 7pm start to the show; you will not be disappointed. The girls have worked very hard and director Davidson can be immensely proud of the outcome.

2021 Ministerial Youth Advisory Group

The Ministry of Education have three places available for young people to join the Ministerial Youth Advisory Group (YAG) in 2021. The Youth Advisory Group provides advice to the Minister of Education and is a mechanism for young people aged 14-18 to have their say about education in New Zealand and the issues that affect them. The YAG is also an opportunity for young people to grow and develop as leaders.

Registrations of interest are open from 30 October to 9 November. For more information, visit the Youth Advisory Group webpage

Accord Teacher Only Day 2020 November 17

All schools and kura have been allocated eight additional teacher-only days to use between now and the end of 2022. These eight days will not extend the school year. The days are set by the Ministry.

These days are set aside to support the implementation of changes to NCEA, and wider strengthening of curriculum, progress and achievement practice.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Accord Sub-Group, along with the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand (SPANZ), and New Zealand Secondary Principals’ Council (SPC), have agreed to make the following changes to the yearly allocation:

• The teacher only day originally scheduled for August 2020 will now be used in 2022. This means that the eight days will now be allocated as follows: one day scheduled for 2020, three for 2021, and four for 2022.

• There will be a teacher only in November 2020 which will occur while senior students (Years 11, 12 and 13) are sitting their external exams. The first day of external exams is November 16.

• The focus of the teacher only day in November will focus on changes to NCEA.

Sun Smart

I have given a few reminders but please take this as another - to check that your young ones are ‘slip, slop, slap, and wrapping’- and that you are too.

Phone Free Day

I am proud of the efforts of the girls today to be phone free. I can report that no one (including staff) was found in a heap because they were without their mobile. I will find time to catch up with them about this and I acknowledge the supportive emails from parents.

Have a safe weekend

Ngā Mihi


Mary Poppins

Burt (Francesca Shaw) and Mary Poppins (Stella Carrington)
The Banks family (from left), Aibhinn McCann-Bell, Aleah Gilmer, Lucy Wyeth and Madison Bowden
Miss Andrew (Penny Noble)
Bankers - back left: Phoebe Bell, India Bartlett, Annabel Falloon, Georgie Carruthers - front left: Bonnie Noble, Priya Willams, Erin Dean
Von Hussler (Isla Gernhoefer), and John Northbrook (Olivia Guscott)
Servants (Charlotte Beetham and Francesca Wells)
Neleus (Samantha Huggins)
Mrs Corry (Sophia Hallett)
Katie Nanna (Phoebe Blundell)
Bird Woman (Jordyn Bowden)
Chimney Sweeps - Bonnie Noble, Olivia Guscott, Lily Hunt, Isla Gernhoefer, Erin Dean, India Bartlett, Sally Booth, Annabel Falloon, Phoebe Bell, Milly Butler, Lucy Disdbury, Poppy Tatham, Harriet Summerfield, Amelia Huggins, Francesca Shaw

This week our Junior Production was in full swing for their performances of Mary Poppins. Thank you to those who have come along to support the girls. Last performance is tonight at 7pm. Don't miss out!

Huge congratulations go to the girls in Years 7 and 8, and the girls who auditioned from Years 9 and 10 for cast and crew. This all would not have been possible if it wasn't for Mr Davidson who directed the production, with Mrs Taylor as Musical Director. Another classic show directed by these talented people.

Sports Awards

Trophy Winners

Trophy Winners

Ella Arnold Baron - The Sala Trophy - for commitment and contribution to Volleyball at SMS

Sophie Borthwick - The Bryer Oden Cup - for excellence in Rifle Shooting

Elizabeth Cohr - The Blundell Cup - for sportsmanship, enthusiasm and effort in Cricket

Gracie Donaldson - The Kirsty Rowan Cup - Head of Netball - for showing leadership and role modelling at the netball courts.

Xanthe Furkert - The Jo and Nicki Booth Cup - Contribution to Equestrian

Claudia Hawkes - The SMS/Masterton Squash Cup Cup - for the highest graded player of the year

Charlotte Hewitt - Ewen Cross Country Cup - first senior home at the highest competition attend - 1st in the Senior Girls at Intercollegiate Competition

Jessie Hollard - The Campbell Cup - for all round ability in Cricket

Emma Kitchingman - SMS Junior Footballer - Most Valuable Year 9 and 10 Football Player

Harriette Klingender - The Dimock Cup - for attitude and commitment to Rifle Shooting

Hannah Maunsell - The Olivia Pearce Cup - for dedication and commitment to 1st XI Hockey

Claire McFetridge - The SMS Broad Cup - Head Of Hockey - with special mention of true leadership and service to all hockey at SMS

Emma McLeod - The PM Haughey Cup - Most Valuable Year 9 and 10 Hockey Player

Juliette Mele - The SMS Jane Knox Cup - Head of Football and the Wensley Cup - for Contribution and Effort in Football at SMS

Hannah Penn - The Georgina Wimsett Cup - For the Senior A Player whose example of Sportmanship and Commitment to the team embodies the spirit of sport at SMS

Maddison Phillips - SMS Primary A - Most Valuable Primary Football Player

Hester Radford - The Green Cup - Most Valuable Year 9 and 10 Netball Player

Kaitlyn Williams - The Sim Cup - Most Valuable Primary A Netball Player

Priya Williams - The Sim Cup for Primary A Hockey - Most Valuable Hockey Player

Primary Colours - for outstanding performance and talent during Years 7 and 8

Netball - India Bartlett, Sally Booth, Georgie Carruthers, Isobel Edge, Maddison Phillips, Maiah Purcell, Kaitlyn Williams, Lucy Wyeth

Hockey - Phillippa McLaren, Francesca Wells, Priya Williams

Football - Jorja Fountaine

Tennis - Francesca Wells

Junior and Senior Colours

Colour Awards

SMS Squash Team - 7th in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Squash Championships

Ella Arnold Baron, Chelsea Hawkes, Claudia Hawkes, Ella Kirkup, Olivia Kirkup, Christina Kirkup

Sophie Borthwick - 2nd Emergency Shooter for the NI team at the TSMZ Inter Island Competition

Hanna Cohr - IM Gold in the 200m Backstroke and Silver in the 50m Backstroke, 100m and 100m at the Wellington Short Course Championships, qualifying for the Nationals

Sophie Jones - Silver Medal 200m Individual Medley at the Wellington Short Course Championships, qualifiying for the Nationals

Harriette Klingender - 6th Place in the Working Pony Wire Jump and 9th at Rising Star Saddle Hunter Pony at Horse of the Year 2020

Amber Wellington - 3rd in the Triple Jump and 5th in the Shot Put at the Regional Athletics, representing Wellington in the Interprovincial Team

Team Awards

Team awards - Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, Commitment and Contribution


Lily Allen - Junior Gold Netball - Most Valuable Player

India Bartlett - Primary A Netball - Most Improved Player

Isabella Beetham - Junior A Netball - Contribution and Commitment

Phoebe Bell - Primary B Netball - Most Improved Player

Sally Booth - Primary A Netball - Contribution and Commitment

Hope Eales - Junior Green Netball - Commitment and Contribution

Mackenzie Edwards - Senior A Netball - Commitment and Contribution

Rachel Forster - Senior Yellow Netball - Most Valuable Player

Olivia Guscott - Junior Gold Netball - Most Improved Player

Ruby Hammond - Junior B Netball - Most Valuable Player

Marguerite Hood - Senior B Netball - Most Valuable Player

Amelia Klitscher - Primary B Netball - Most Valuable Player

Georgia Lowes - Senior B Netball - Most Valuable Player

Megan Macri - Senior Yellow Netball - Most Improved Player

Samantha Matuszek - Senior Yellow Netball - Most Valuable Player

Corrin Prince - Senior B Netball - Most Improved Player

Isabaella Robson - Senior A Netball - Most Improved Player

Miela Slight - Junior B Netball - Most Improved Player

Amber Wellington - Junior B Netball - Most Improved Player

Milly Young - Junior Green Netball - Most Improved Player


Jorja Fountaine - Primary Football - Commitment and Contribution

Darby Lambert - 1st XI Football - Most Valuable Player

Hannah Mathewson - 2nd XI Football - Most Valuable Player

Juliette Mele - 1st XI Football - Commitment and Contribution - Player's Player

Maddison Phillips - Primary Football - Most Improved Player

Lucy Stevens - 2nd XI Football - Most Improved Player

Gertie Vermeer - Primary Football - Most Improved Player


Mya Anderson - Year 9 B Hockey - Most Improved Player

Penelope Borthwick - Year 9 A Hockey - Most Valuable Player

Lucy Boschma - 3rd XI Hockey - Most Valuable Player

Elizabeth Cohr - 1st XI Hockey - Most Improved Player

Charna Craig - Year 9 B Hockey - Most Valuable Player

Abby Crawley - 1st XI Hockey - Commitment and Contribution

Annabel Falloon - Primary Gold Hockey - Most Improved Player

Samantha Huggins - Primary Green Hockey - Most Improved Player

Felicity Johnson - 3rd XI Hockey - Most Improved Player

Isabella Kennedy - 2nd XI Hockey - Most Valuable Player

Ella Kirkup - Year 9 A Hockey - Commitment and Contribution

Phillippa McLaren - Primary Green Hockey - Most Valuable Player

Samantha Plimmer - 2nd XI Hockey - Most Improved Player

Ellie Southey - Primary Gold Hockey - Commitment and Contribution

Regional Representation


Under 14 - Charlotte Beetham, Lily Gilles (also Ikaroa Ki Te Tonga Maori Netball U15 team 2020/2021), Tiarna Web-Milner, Amber Wellington

Under 16 - Isabella Beetham, Hester Radford

Under 18 - Gracie Donaldson, Majella Dempsey, Ruby Radford, Jorja Julian


Hannah Founatine, Jorja Fountaine, Darby Lambert, Amber Powell, Juliette Mele


Under 13 - Maddison Phillips, Ellie Southey, Priya Williams

Under 15 - Isabella Kennedy, Anita Lyford, Ana Mason, Hannah Mathewson, Greta Matthews, Emma McLeod, Isabella Rogers, Caitlyn Ryan, Tess Southey, Kate Speedy, Amber Wellington, Pia White

Under 18 - Ruby Bermingham, Elizabeth Cohr, Abby Crawley, Kianna Dawson, Charlotte Hewitt, Hannah Maunsell, Pippa Raleigh, Meg Southey, Grace Tanner, Laura White

Level One - First Year Team Selection

Senior A Netball - Majella Dempsey, Isabaella Robson, Hester Radford

First XI Hockey - Meg Southey, Grace Tanner, Pia White, Emma McLeod, Charlize Baron

First XI Football - Ruby Broom, Aleksandra Domanski, Molly Karam

Squash - Ella-Arnold Baron, Ella Kirkup

Volleyball - Ella-Arnold Baron, Jade Baker, Darby Lambert, Annabelle Milne, Pippa Raleigh, Kate Seymour

Level Two Badge Awards

Rifle Shooting - Rifle Shooting - representation in the Wairarapa Regional Team

Sophie Borthwick, Harriette Klingender, Sophie Drysdale

Service Awards - Umpiring and Coaching

Service Awards


One Year's Service - Kate Forrester, Audrey Jamieson, Zoe Sheehan, Majella Dempsey

Two Year's Service - Sophie Renton, Ocean Bartlett, Ruby Radford

Three Year's Service (Colours) - Gracie Donaldson, Mackenzie Edwards


One Year's Service - Lily Hunt, Lucy Boschma, Cecilia Beck, Jessie Hollard

Two Year's Service - Emma McLeod

Three Year's Service (Colours) - Meg Southey, Claire McFetridge, Kianna Dawson

Year 13 Leavers - First Teams

At the awards we acknowledged the girls from our major winter sporting codes who had represented SMS in first teams. They will leave a considerable gap next year. We wish them well and hope they will continue to play sport beyond school.

Netball - Gracie Donaldson, Mackenzie Edwards, Hannah Penn, Isabaella Robson, Majella Dempsey, Charlotte Summerfield

Football - Xanthe Furkert, Amber Powel, Juliette Mele

Hockey - Amy Wood, Abby Crawley, Hannah Maunsell, Charlotte Hewitt, Charlotte Diedrich, Claire McFetridge, Elizabeth Cohr

Special Mention - Colours Already Awarded

Corrin Prince – continued outstanding performance in Clay Target Shooting.

Alex Anstis – continued outstanding performance in Equestrian – taking two nationals titles in recent times.

Connect, Inspire, Learn Student Conference

14 Years 7/8 students attending this conference this week at Douglas Park along with 12 other schools. They were in groups and had to present a workshop to other participants and also attend two workshops, hosted by other students.

Amelia Huggins attends one of the workshops


Congratulations to the following girls who have won or placed in their category for the 2020 HETTANZ Awards:

Kersha Napier (Year 10) - Junior Creative Category - First Place

Arna Williams (Year 10) - Junior Technical Category - Second Place

Ruby Wells (Year 12) - Senior Technical Category - First Place

Senior College News

Warm congratulations to Ruby Wells, who has won the Senior (Technical) category of this year’s HETTANZ Fashion Awards. One of the judges commented that she was “inspired about the bright future of our industry after seeing the incredibly high standard of technical ability and creativity from all age levels”.

Congratulations also to Kian Jones who has been given a scholarship to attend this year’s New Zealand Jazz Workshop Week, organised by the legendary jazz musician Rodger Fox. For young musicians interested in jazz performance, there could not be a better experience.

We are almost at the end of time in school for this academic year with Study Leave beginning two weeks from today. I hope that students remain fully engaged in their classes up until that time, using the support and expertise of their teachers.

Adam Gordon

Deputy Principal/Head of Senior College

Coming Up on the Calendar

Week Four Term Four

Monday 2 November - Whanau Time, Junior Choir, Senior College Photos, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 3 November - Senior Chapel, Year Level Meetings, Year 13 Melbourne Cup Day, Sport Photos, Wai Maths, Year 13 Drama Performance

Wednesday 4 November - Assembly, Wai Maths, Cultural Photos, Viva Rehearsal, Combined Ballroom Dancing

Thursday 5 November - Junior Chapel, Jazz Band, Central Districts Cricket Play-Offs, Musical Extravaganza

Friday 6 November - Whanau Time

Week Five Term Four

Monday 9 November - Whanau Time, Librarians Morning Tea, Junior Choir, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 10 November - Senior Chapel, Year Level Meetings, Senior College Dinner Dance

Wednesday 11 November - Assembly, Masterton Primary Athletics, Year 9 Trip to Rathkeale, Orchestra, Viva Rehearsal, Year 11 Effort Grade Reports Published to the Portal

Thursday 12 November - Junior Chapel, Last day for Years 11-13, Senior College Prize Giving 7pm SMS Hall

Friday 13 November - Study Leave Begins, Year 10 Career Taster Day (UCOL), Whanau Time, Volunteer Function (Mrs Gill's residence 5.30pm)

School Notices

Sports Photos and Cultural Photos

Sports photos will be held on Tuesday November 3. We ask that all girls are prepared for these, and read the programme below carefully.

Cultural photos will be held on Wednesday November 4. The programme is available by the link below.

Teacher Only Day

There is a Teacher Only Day on Tuesday 17 November. This is to advise us regarding the changes to NCEA. School will be closed.

Dates for the End of the Year

Below are end of year dates:

Thursday November 12 - Senior College Prizegiving 7pm

Monday November 16 - NCEA National Exams begin

Friday December 4 - Non-NCEA students released from instruction Carol Service and Leavers' Service - 6pm St Matthew's Parish Church

Saturday December 5 - St Matthew’s Prizegiving -ALL students required - 12pm Wairarapa College (Please note change of time from 9am)

Wednesday December 9 - NCEA National Exams end; School and Boarding House(s) Officially closed

Monday December 14 - Year 13 Leavers' Ball

School Community

SMOGA (St Matthew's Old Girls' Association) - Wine Fundraiser

Once again the SMOGA are offering a wine fundraiser in association with Paddy Borthwick Wines. For every case, $40 will be donated by Paddy Borthwick to the school. You must be 18 years or over to participate.

Please click on the link below to view the extensive range of wines offered, and complete an order form. Please send to Bridget Mathewson at bridg.andy@gmail.com

Rathkeale College Christmas Fete

Other Community Events

Tutorship Opportunity