Global climate change warren, Shalea, CAROLINE, and Royce

The midwest has an abundance of opportunities… but not for long

Global warming is greatly affected by carbon, carbon is released in the air by energy emissions, and the increased temperatures will and are hurting the midwest ecosystem

our concerns

  • Global warming will cause an impact on the amount of clean water that we have.
  • Global is becoming very dangerous and is causing lots of illnesses and deaths
  • Heat will cause stress in animals decreasing the production of meat, milk, eggs


  • inform the public about the risk of heat and heat related diseases and create cooling stations for people to go to if they are without air conditioning.
  • Eat less fast food. By doing this it will reduce the amount of energy we burn.
  • Use local products that don't need to be shipped far, so that they don't use long forms of transportation that produce carbon in abundance such as airplanes, delivery trucks, and cargo ships.
  • Use cleaner burning fuels. By doing this it will create fewer emissions when burned. By using bio fuels it can reduce the emissions by 80 percent.
  • The average vehicle excludes 4.7 metric tons of carbon into the air per year. So walking to school and work when its a short commute would decrease the amount of carbon.


Global climate change is a problem that has large affects across the globe. Farmers in the mid-west are affected by the changing seasons and hardships brought by warmer climates.

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