McDonalds Sabrina de'ann vela 6th

BRAND LOGO: a golden letter 'M' (as seen in the background) DESCRIPTION: A) the brand makes fast food, B) it is very popular with everyone (kids and adults) C) we know the brand thanks to tv commercials, advertisement in magazines and billboards and the have many stores around the world. (seems like there's one every corner you turn lmao)

A) FOUNDERS: although the McDonald brothers created the store, Roy Kroc joined McDonalds in 1954 and turned it into the biggest fast food operation in the world B) LOCATIONS: there is a mcdonald store all over theworld they are internationally expanded. C) PRODUCTS: the original product that it began with was just burgers but now although burgers are the main idea still they do hae other options on the menu. D) LAUNCH: the store impacted big when it offically launched under roy kroc in 1997. E) PROS: its a magor operator, the products are really good, they attain a great deal of money. CONS: its not the healthiest thing to eat and has caused alot of weight gain, since they are internationally expanded they face global challenges,

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: McDonalds is a pubically traded corporation that sells local franchieses to individuals which translates to the company being owned by stock holders. some are still also owned by the company its self, most will be locally owned.

WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE OWNER: Ray Kroc stated that "luck is a dividend of sweat, the more you sweat the luckier you get." he also said," the quaility of a leader refelcts in the standards they set for themselves" along with, "You,re only as good as the people you hire"
THE FUTURE OF THE BRAND: McDonald has many works going on for the future the latest being that they want to put electric menus in the store so that the lines will lessen more and people can order what they want on their own. now is this a good idea? well i guess we shall have to wait and see...


Created with images by Keoni Cabral - "The Big M" • JeepersMedia - "McDonalds" • JeepersMedia - "McDonalds" • JeepersMedia - "McDonalds" • Wystan - "McDonald's original store at original Ann Arbor location, 2000 W. Stadium. Photo from 1961 Omega, the Ann Arbor High School yearbook." • Rolling Okie - "McDonald's - Delhi"

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