History of clothing By Bre Harpole

How did clothing change globally?

Clothing changed the way people live and do things. There are many ways that clothing changed humans as a species. Clothing can be a good or bad thing depending on how you view it. Clothing has a lot of meaning to many people and even to animals.Clothing changed humans because without it people wouldn't be able to share a lot of the ideas we had from clothing and there wouldn't be as many inventions. When we started wearing clothing more and more ideas came from that which affected how humans lived. The following paragraphs are examples of just some of the ways that clothing has changed humans.

Weather is a big deal when it comes to what people wear. The warmer the weather the less clothing and as the colder weather comes along we start to wear more clothing to keep our bodies warmer. In the past while people were hunting they would wear heavy clothing to keep them warm and they would match it with the nature also known as camouflage so that the animal they were hunting. Climate change had a big effect on what humans wear and when we wear it.

Humans also wear clothing for the more current issue, style. Clothing is how most people express themselves. Modeling for clothing companies is a big job that pays well and even just working at a store selling clothes is a pretty well payed job if you you're selling is what most people are looking for. Clothing can be worn for work or play as a costume or uniform. They need those clothes so others know what they do which is also with style what type of person you are.

People sometimes wear clothing based on where they are from and what their nationality is. Muslim women wear headdresses to be respectful to where she comes from. If they happen to take it off in public it means she wants to sexual, disrespecting where she comes from which is a sin, and letting guys know that she is a sexual object. It is upsetting when other people make fun of others for staying true to their heritage. They don't know what the person is going through and why they wear that.

Collective learning is taking something and making more ideas from it which is what people do with clothing. We show it off and come up with other ideas when we see it. Those ideas make new jobs and when new jobs are made that means there are more for humans to do which changes our lives and others around us.

Traditional Chinese dress
sumbrao and poncho traditionally worn by a Mexican man
islamic woman in here head dress

The economic impact on the clothing industry

Economics continue to grow and evolve, New and Creative ideas for the economy are springing into action such as the clothing industry. New high paying jobs are born from this industry, not only that, but fashion center and even stores in cities are making a great impact on people's lives when it comes down to spending and making money.

Fashion industries hire over 1.9 million people in the united states and that leaves a on regional economies all over the country. 2-3 of most employment is in new york city and los angeles, but other states numbers of fashion employment are going up and begin to reap the economy. Employment and working together with others is a big deal when it comes to the world's economy. The economy is built from other ideas and creative ways collabing and making more ideas.

Thresholds and how They effect the History and Making of Clothing

Collective learning, The goldilocks condition, and the end result of a new complexity all has a great deal of importance when it comes to the making and history of clothing. Threshold number Six is a language and speaking time period. Where we learned to speak to each other and share ideas that lead to more and better ideas. Humans took those ideas to build bigger and better things for the making of clothing. If we shared our opinion on why we need to wear clothing we all might be naked right now which would in our minds be very strange, but before this threshold was completely normal.

Threshold 7 is about agricultural and how it was made, but it wasn't all just about that. This is the time period where humans needed to wear clothing to protect themselves from things that could make us go extinct. One of the big reasons that we had to protect ourselves was from big animals that attacked and other communities. We had to wear armor and it soon became more and more clothing you wear the more protected you were. They also needed armor and clothing that could hold and or hide weapons because weapons were newly founded in this time.

Thresholds have many big impacts on how we live today. I am sure if you take certain small details and compare them with how we do things today you would find a lot more information on the history of making clothing, but these were the more obvious ones that basically give you a great number of big details on why we wear clothing today.

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For the pictures I looked up certain things people would wear to pursue what culture they are from.

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