Spatial Awareness Leftfoot Coaching Academy


Acquire an equal number of cones as students in the session. Alternate both blue and orange cones in a stack. Split the stack in two and start back-to-back near the side gate with another coach or intern. Begin walking forward in a circle away from each other. Place a cone every 3-4 paces until you end face-to-face with the other coach or intern.

Make sure the cones look equally spaced and alternate colors. Place a cone of any color in the center of the circle.

Lay out an equal number of balls as students in the session next to the circle so the students don't have to get them themselves.


Warmups will begin at the space the student is at. The students will do the stretches towards the central cone then back to their original space.


  • quad stretches
  • calf stretches
  • side lunges
  • Frankensteins
  • supermans
  • side shuffle
  • crossover step
  • jog/sprint

Structured Activity

Progression 1:

  • every person with a ball
  • dribble into the middle
  • beat a coach or a player
  • find an open space

Coaching Points (Progression 1):

  • head up
  • speed dribbles, using the pinky toe
  • don't dribble in a straight line
  • don't go back to the same space twice in a row

Progression 2:

  • every other person with a ball
  • dribble into the middle
  • perform three changes in direction
  • pass to someone without the ball on the outside

Progression 3:

  • same as progression two
  • add a one-touch give-and-go to the pass at the end

Coaching Points (Progression 2 & 3):

  • call and show for the ball
  • head up
  • don't pass to the person next to you
  • don't dribble in a straight line
  • don't go to the same spot/person twice in a row
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