Understanding Student Loans AHS Staff and Alumni help students navigate student loans

Published on: 1/25/21

By Claire Ramos and Javier Manzano

AP statistics teacher Gary Lo gives an explanation of student loans and how AHS students can manage future debt in their future.

Photos courtesy of Gary Lo, Toby Jaw, and Kaedan Peters

AHS staff give insight on their experience with student loans to aid students and provide tips.

Photos courtesy of Natalie Matheny, Olivia Maynez, and Avery Rocha

Read to find out the routes three AHS alumni took to navigate student loans. They give advice to help college bound AHS students.

Created By
Claire Ramos


Gary Lo, Toby Jaw, Kaedan Peters, Natalie Matheny, Olivia Maynez, and Avery Rocha