Organizational and Time Saving Tools #feeinfirst

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange is home to classroom SMART Board resources. At SMART Exchange you can search by subjects or keywords to find a SMART file that fits the needs for your classroom. Rather than spending hours creating a lesson, educators can search here for SMART Board files that can be easily downloaded and used in the classroom. SMART Exchange is free resource--the majority of files available to download are free. Users can also share files to add resources to the SMART Exchange community.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an open marketplace for educators. You can buy, sell, and share teaching resources here. Need an activity, worksheet, presentation, or simply an idea for a lesson? Teachers Pay Teachers is your place to search. You are able to search by subject, grade level, and keywords. You can also filter your search by price and rating. Teachers Pay Teachers is free to join. There are a number of free resources and there are resources for purchase too.

Harvey's Homepage

Harvey's Homepage is home to a large variety of math SMART Board Notebook lessons. This resource is full of possibilities to add an interactive SMART Board component to your daily math lessons without having to create the file yourself. Content is organized by subjects and files are free to download. For convenience, all files plus others can be purchased on a 2 GB flash-drive for $30.

Level It Books

Level It Books is an app to organize, level and track your books. Using this app is easy--simply scan your book's ISBN to view the level for each book. Levels are displayed as Lexile, Guided Reading/Grade Level, and/or DRA level. This app can be used by educators, parents, or students to efficiently determine if a book is the right fit for a reader or to organize a book collection.


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