GMO Corn By: joel archer

GMO Corn is a genetically modified crop, that have been genetically engineered to desirable traits including resistance to pests and herbicides

This crop was created by farmers, way back in the day. Scientists say even 10,000 years ago they had a form of genetic Corn. They would take positive of plants and animals that involved cross breeding different species.
Pros and cons of GMO Corn: Some pros are tastier Corn of higher quality, Corn doesn't become diseased, and additional nutrition benefits. Some cons are lack of environment friendliness, some cost and very little economic relief, and large increase in allergic reactions.
In my opinion I think that GMO Corn would be a good thing because it would do more right then wrong, and would be healthier and more nutritious. On the other hand I think we should just GMO crops, not animals and meat, because if meat is not modified right it could harm millions.
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Joel Archer

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