Invertebrates By abdullah


Arthropods are the biggest insects There bodies are divided into segments their legs bend at joints they soft bodies covered in hard shells called the exoskeleton. here are Arthropods insects. Crustacean Arachnids (spiders) Centipedes millipedes.


Molluscs are the second largest invertebrates. They have soft bodies often protected by hard shells. They mostly live in the water. Here are some examples: of molluscs snails, slugs, clams, mussels, octopus, saruid.


Worms have long tubular bodies that are divided into segments. Here are examples: earth worms, lug worms, leeches


Jellyfish have soft circular bodies and their mouth covered by stnging tentacles. Here are examples: jellyfish, coral, sea anemones.


sponges are aquatic animals with no muscles, no nerves, no head, They do not move, they require the water to bring them food. Their bodies are built of many cells.


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