Common Exhibit #3 Retrieval PRactice Self-Study


• Self-testing: I will use self-testing to study by using practice exams and problems from the textbook.

• Flash Cards: I will make flash cards to help remember charts and graphics.

• Quizlet: I will use pre-created Quilt vocabulary words to memorize definitions and engrain ideas into long-term memory.

STAT 2220 grade went from a 79 on my first exam to a 89.5 on my second exam.

I personally felt that these techniques worked extremely well for me. Admittedly, I could have used them more rigorously and possibly earned an A on the exam, but the results I saw were more than promising. After every STAT class, I would create flash cards for graphs and charts that came from the lecture guide, as well as study the ones I had already made. After a while, I would be able to recall the information from old charts without even looking at the cards. I did the same method with Quizlet vocabulary sets and noticed the same pattern. I made a Quizlet set with almost 50 words and I can still remember all of the definitions. The week of our exam I began to gather questions from old quizzes, practice exams, and the textbook to use in my studying. I spent 2 hours each afternoon on Monday and Tuesday doing these problems. In hindsight, I should have done more self-testing to make sure I was more familiar with the types of questions I would be seeing. My grade increased 10.5 points from my first exam just from changing my study habits slightly to incorporate these ways of retrieval. Without a doubt, I will continue to use flash cards, Quizlet, and self-testing in my everyday study routine in the future.


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