War of the Roses Madison Vaeth

Henry VII defeated Richard III to end the war of roses.

Founder of the house is Tudor.

The black raven is a symbol of death.

The sky symbolizes blood and death.

The war of the Roses comes from symbols of the two warring houses.

King Edward III was the first York king.

The Wars of the roses was fought between two rival families who both laid claim on the throne of England.

In 1453 the king started suffering from a mental illness.

He got very sick when he was king.

This is actually Henry VIII, but people refer to him as Henry Tudor also.

If you have a girl first, then a boy, the boy would become king whether he was older or younger.

Richard III, his body was found in the corner of a church chapel.

Richard III was pronounced guilty, but others say he was NOT guilty.

During the battle, Richard III made a charge for Henry. His horse got stuck in a marsh, so Richard carried on fighting on foot.


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