Cavalry and horses A way of fighting and riding

Horses are perfect for riding

The core of cavalry is horse. They are fast and strong.

They can gallop Up to 30 mpH.

The Europeans brought the horses

Many people later got them

Many early people in the Middle East and Asia got horses and cavalry


People Invented chariots pulled by a horse for army purposes

Also in the Middle Ages there was jousting. Jousting was for army and many competitions were held

Historic period times

Conquest, early Middle East and Asia, Spanish, later Native Americans, and Middle Ages

Cavalry had a huge role in the Spanish and European success

Cavalry and horses impacted tech by horses being able to pull a plow and being able pull a chariot (which they were revolutionary)

Horses and cavalry impacted weapons because when warriors rode into battle they usually rode in on chariots also in Medieval Times there was jousting.

In ConcLusion

Horses were relatively new when the Europeans brought them. There is around 9 million horses in the U.S present day. They are not used as much we used to.


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