The Native American Project By senator mills

Introduction and Facing the Facts

•I’m Payton Mills a US senator worried about what may come from the continuing conflicts between Native Americans and Non-Native Americans. We need to set actual borders down for land. Without these borders we will continue to have more conflicts between white men and natives. And we need to stick to them, no going back on the land we give to them. If we stick to our word and leave the land that we gave them, if we continue to just take back the land like a bunch of greedy people we will not stop having issues with the naives. If you don't see that problem you must be living under a rock. One thing you have to realize is that they were here first. And if we are going to live here side by side the best way to do it would be to do it peacefully and buy keeping our promises. If everyone just keeps to themselves, we should have any violence and the way I see it if we keep moving west have to be careful to think and try to communicate before engaging in battle. The way you have to think about it is the fact that you have to use your words. We are acting like a bunch a children. Think and speak before you act and kill a bunch of natives.

The Lakota Native Americans were driven from their homeland and continued to be moved over and over again.


In all it's almost like a domino effect. We solved the problem but then guess what, we didn’t keep our promise of letting them have their land. So when that didn't work we tried to eliminate them entirely, almost turn them all into white men. "The Indian may now become a free man; free from the thralldom of the tribe; free from the domination of the reservation system; free to enter into the body of our citizens". This is a quote from Alice Fletcher, Leader of a group called "Friends of the Indians". This quote paints the picture as if the natives beliefs are keeping them from being civil and not like us. They are trying to turn them into us. If we keep our promises it will make all of the solution come much easier. And it won't upset the natives by trying to erase them and their religious beliefs off the earth. It all goes back to what happened to the Lakota Native Americans; they were given land, but then riches were found in that land so they were forced to move by us. If we continue to break promises nothing will be solve. Making sure we keep our promises is the first step to solving the whole entire problem with the Native Americans. Instead of trying to destroy the Native american religion and their way of life we should try to embrace it and let them continue to live on how they want. If we leave them be then there should be way less or even zero conflict.


There is one solution to finding out territory problems and it help with everything, we just need to keep our promises for once. We need to give them enough land for them to be able to sustain their lifestyle, but this time all settlers must stay out of it. If we keep out of that land that solves more than one problem. In all reality that will solve all problems. If we give them the land they need and keep our promises and let them have that land to themselves there won’t be any problems with natives and settlers clashing. The hard part is going to be able to tell where the native land starts and ends without a fence or something. No one wants to be fenced in and quite frankly no one wants to be fenced out. So my idea would be to put up signs surrounding the land. We would space them out a half mile from each other so they would be hard to miss of course, but if that doesn’t work we might have no choice to resort to fences for both settlers and natives safety.

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Payton Mills

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