Henry Ford Creator of Ford cars

Henry ford was born on the 30th of July, 1863 and passed away on April 7, 1947. He was born in Michigan, USA and was the son of William and Mary Litogot Ford.He became an entrepreneur because he was the first person to design and sell motor vehicles to the general population and he also made the first production line for the Ford Corporation, which is believed to have started the modern day industrial revolution. He believed that his vehicle, the Ford Mark one, was going to be the first mass produced car and be so cheap, everyone could own one. Henry ford was an entrepreneur because he filled a massive gap in the market and found it to produce his vehicle, and made millions and started one of the worlds largest corporations it has had, which today operates in most countries. Henry ford was quite intelligent and thus was good at working with engines and many motor parts. Because of this, he designed his own motor and cars for him to sell. Ford began Ford Co. at the age of 40 in 1903 in Michigan.

Ford is a company which sells cars and some trucks in most countries on the earth, it operates out of the United states and they make their own vehicles. Henry Ford started the company because he saw potential in the engines and vehicles that he was designing and testing. He than started it so he could mass produce them for the people. Henry Ford would have considered himself an entrepreneur because he made a new product that gave the people something new they would have wanted to buy, also, many people in those times with new products were considered entrepreneurs by others and themselves. The business received very little support from anyone in the early days and Ford had to find out what he was going to do and who to hire by himself. Ford had a business plan at the start which was to design a motor vehicle, so cheap and mass produced, that any man may be able to afford and have one. It was this plan that lead to the model T becoming the most sold car in human history and the best start that the company could of had. The business is successful because it was so new. Before the model T, no car was as mass produced, advertised or as cheap as it, because of this ford was able to become the largest company in its time and lead way to all of the new vehicles and vehicle companies we have today.


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