My Spring Break By: rebecca truxton

My break started on Easter Sunday! My cousins came over just for one fantastic day of visiting us! Sadly, it was a rainy day, so we had our Easter egg hunt inside!

Then, our cousins left, and we spent about an hour of cleaning and doing dishes.
Monday, we sat around, playing on our phones and eating all the candy we got from yesterday.
Tuesday, we went to six flags in Vallejo! We enjoyed all the luxuries of short lines, yummy snacks, and bone-chilling rides.
Wednesday, we went to San Francisco and cooled off in the freezing cold water, and enjoyed looking for neat little objects people leave on the beach.
Thursday night, I had a sleepover with sofi and Faith and stayed up until two in the morning! Sofi had some hair extensions, and for thirty minutes, I had my long hair back!

Nothing Really happened Friday, My grandma picked me up and we went to her house.

My mom came home from a "bisines trip" on Saturday morning(Her birthday morning) and we had a fail-surprise party! We had strawberry shortcake for dinner!

Sunday, we went to church and went out to breakfast with our friends and family like every Sunday morning.

MONDAY. A dreaded day. The day you go back to school after the most relaxing and happy spring break you have ever had! Also the ending of a great weekend.

The End!

Created By
Rebecca Truxton


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