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I believe everyone has a story. I believe we are drawn to and resonate with people and places that help make our stories. If we are paying attention, if we let things unfold, magic happens. That’s how I feel about my craft too. There is an unfolding that happens every time I look through the lens. A magic that happens when I allow my minds eye to express itself, unabated. When I let creative spirit flow through me, unforced. Even though I am recording reality, it is a reality that is translated through my life’s filter, through the windows I see from. And there is always more to the story, another piece that needs to be told, that will emerge if I listen. Sometimes it doesn’t happen right away, sometimes months will pass before an image calls me back. Capturing the image is only the first step in the process. Discovering other images, patterns and textures to layer and dance with the first image is like getting lost in a dream. It’s meditation and rumination. To express the feeling and emotion and meaning of what came to me in that moment of capturing that particular reality. Although I consider myself a photographer above all else, I long for the hands on attributes that painting and printmaking can contribute to a piece. In the days of film, I relished the processes of the darkroom. The ability to put your hand in it, as it were. But I love the all inclusiveness of the digital world too. Nothing is out of bounds, anything is possible. After many years of trial and error, experimentation and play, I have found my voice. By combining my images with digital manipulation, layering, monotype printing, encaustic medium and paint, I am able to create unique one of a kind pieces. Images, that much like life, have depth, layers and substance. Images with a story.

Visual Jazz
Lake Blu
Sun Ra
The Fair
Before The Fall
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Flori Engbrecht


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