Abuse Isn't Beautiful Join the fight against cosmetic animal testing

Campaign Overview & Objectives

Animal testing of cosmetic products is an issue that has stayed below radar for far too long. Millions of animals live in agonizing pain and fear, hoping for death to escape the torture. 26,000,000 die, per year in the US as a result of animal testing. This cruelty is a result of humans self-serving need for artificial beauty.

OVERVIEW: From December 1st to 31st, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, will launch a strategic, social media campaign in an effort to raise awareness surrounding the cruelty and prevalence of cosmetic animal testing done by name brands, specifically MAC Cosmetics. Peta Communications will manage daily content creation and engagement through three primary platforms: Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Facebook will be supplemental. Instagram and Snapchat will be the primary base for the campaign. We will create an appropriate template for celebrity endorsement and partner activation. We hope to increase impressions, gain signatures on a petition to push for legislation, and expand recognition of the campaign hashtag, #takeoffyourMAsC, as MAC is a leading company for animal testing.

Post to save paws, one step at a time


The primary objective of this campaign is to empower girls and women to stop purchasing and applying MAC products, as well as other companies engaging in animal testing. The campaign will equate preserving animals beauty and health to girl's natural beauty. We will challenge girls to #takeoffyourMAsC and post makeup free photos with their animals. The campaign hopes to raise enough awareness to switch the public over to cosmetic companies that do not engage in animal testing and serve as a catalyst to change. In the long run, public policy is essential to stopping animal testing. Thus, we will call people to take the pledge against animal testing and sign a petition for legislation. This campaign will bring attention to the issue and hopefully lead to a boycott of an animal testing company. Gaining the endorsement of celebrities who attract millennial attention is pivotal to the success of the campaign.

  • Increasing awareness and discussion through social media and a commercial
  • Increase the #takeoffyourMAsC call to action across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Engage 500,000 people, reach 750,000 people and make 500,000 million impressions
  • Gain 10k #takeoffyourMAsC mentions
  • Generate conversation and join the current conversation
  • Make a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Page for AbuseIsn'tBeautiful
  • Create engaging content on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with supplemental paid advertising
  • Decrease MAC Cosmetic sales by 8 % over the course of a year
  • Gain celebrity endorsements
  • #takeoffyourMAsC data and analysis
  • Call to Action: Receive 7,500 signatures on a petition for legislation.
CAMPAIGN TARGET AUDIENCE: the key to support, the cry needs to be heard

The target audience is girls aged 12-35, the primary users of MAC products. The campaign will primarily focus on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, as these are the most frequented sites for this age range. Facebook will be of supplemental use.

data from hootsuite

Instagram will be used to reach those from 18-35 and will be the primary means of raising awareness about the issue. 32% of teenagers consider Instagram the most important social media app. The #takeoffyourMAsC challenge will engage teens and young adults. The current societal climate is conducive to embracing natural beauty and empowering women. Posing with a pet will show animals innocence and beauty. The younger generation is the most self consumed, and will therefore embrace the opportunity to post a picture. Popularity on this platform will be dependent of re-shares and celebrity engagement.

data from Pew Research Center

Tweets will be used to target those from 25-35 and sent out approximately 5 times a day, with the majority being released from 5:00 p.m.-8:00. Twitter users are three times more likely to follow pages. However, 53% of users will not post new status, so it is critical to use smart words to engage and join the conversation. A hashtag is twice as likely to gain traction.

data from Pew Research Center

Facebook will be used to target those from 30 and up and will primarily post links to lengthier articles or important content, as this demographic is most likely to absorb and take interest in the information. Facebook's engagement rate is 70%. Content will be shared mostly after 5 p.m. as the work day is over. 65% of Facebook users will share or like content.

This platform will target the youngest age range, those from 12-18. This is critical as this is the next generation to make a difference.


The Humane Society International: #BeCrueltyFree

The Largest Anti Animal Testing Campaign

photo from International Humane Society

Launched by The Humane Society International, the #BeCrueltyFree campaign is the leading global campaign to end animal testing. The campaign succeeded in making Europe the largest cruelty free cosmetics market. The campaign partnered with celebrities and companies throughout the world. The campaign worked with graphics, depicting animals as cosmetic products .

Animal Testing Kills Campaign

photo from PETA

This campaign, launched by PETA, depicted makeup being applied as blood. As part of the campaign, PETA also partnered with LUSH, an anti animal cruelty non profit in the UK to show the suffering animals go through on human subjects. Ads were photoshopped to show people with bloody patches and bleeding eyes. There was even a live demonstration in the UK, in which a human subject was treated as an animal going through cosmetic testing.


Posting with a purpose: How, when and where

1. Create custom graphics to be shared on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Once pages are created, posts will be shared on every platform, daily. Posts from the conversation will be retweeted, responded to and liked.

sample Instagram posts

2.Create Instagram Page, Facebook Page and Twitter Handle: AbuseIsn'tBeautiful

3. Promote page through PETA's Facebook and Twitter

4. Create a master resource document with all login information

5. #takeoffyourMAsC data and analysis

6. follow mentions and schedule messages with hootsuite

7. Join the talk through cross channel promotion in #becrueltyfree trend

8. Design social media copy for daily posting

Facebook Copy Example: What's more important: lipgloss or a life? Take the pledge to stop cosmetic animal testing today, here, at change.org. #takeoffyourMAsC [LINK TO ARTICLE]



You wouldn't starve your pet for 4 days. Don't let MAC starve those without a voice. Make A Change, sign our petition here. #takeoffyourMAsC

If it has a beating heart, it shouldn't be part of a science experiment. Make A Change by singing our petition. #takeoffyourMAsC

How does it feel to know your mascara murdered millions? Bad? Join us in fighting for legislation here. #takeoffyourMAsC

Why do you love your puppy? Let us know! Join the fight here #takeoffyourMAsC

Retweet if you want the puppy, like if you want the cat and sign here to save lives #takeoffyourMAsC

Petition Deliverable

Once 7,500 people sign the petition, the petition will be brought to the attention of various senators and representative, including Martha McSally, who have a history of fighting for animal rights.

Instagram Deliverable

Those who #takeoffyourMAsC on Instagram and post a picture with their pooch will be entered in the same raffle. There will be two winner who will be flown to New York for an ALL NATURAL spa day.

Celebrity and Partner Endorsement Deliverable

Celebrities who agree to endorse the cause will be supplied with pre-constructed tweets and Instagram captions. Additionally, on December 1st, every celebrity and partner will launch off the month with the same, pre-designed tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post and Snapchat (if applicable). This will start off the campaign strong and form an initial client base.

Twitter Deliverable

In a twitter raffle, detailed in the social media outreach plan, a winner will randomly be selected from the pool of people who signed the change.org petition. The winner will receive a gift card to PetSmart.

Content Calendar



There will be a filter option on snapchat. People will be able to see themselves as a bunny wearing an abnormal amount of makeup. The caption will be "This isn't Natural" and will site the #takeoffyourMAsC at the bottom. It will also say join the movement at www.peta.org.


This filter will be an option on December 23rd. It is a perfect time to release the filter, as kids are off from school because of Christmas, and thus have the whole day to snapchat away. Additionally, people are more giving during the holiday season, and thus are more likely to take up the issue--even talk about it at family gatherings.


We will promote the competition through all other platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Then, on December 28th, PETA will have an "Add to Our Story" option on the snapchat story page. It will be available to everyone. We will prompt people to post makeup free photos with their pets or animals. Great photo submissions with good captions will be added to the national story.


We will host a #takeoffyourMAsC challenge on Instagram. People will post photos of themselves and their pet, with the #takeoffyourMAsC. An example post is the photo seen here with this caption: #takeoffyourMAsC for Max and others like him. This trend will start through publicizing on all other platforms about the challenge, as well as celebrity examples on their own profiles. The challenge will be clarified through a post on the campaigns Instagram where the reward will be described. See Instagram Deliverables.


We will post the following photo on our Instagram account [SEE BELOW]. The photo prompts people to tag at least 10 of their friends in the photo. For every 10 people, PETSMART will donate 1 dollar to PETA's fight against animal testing.


Celebrities will kick off the campaign with a flood of social media posts. They will all post will their pets, place a link to the petition in their bios, and place a scripted description of the cause. They will begin the format for the Instagram Challenge later in the month.

photo by people.com


We will host a 1 hour conversation with a millennial influencer or animal testing free company. This will attract attention and trend the hashtag across twitter. We will join the current anti animal testing conversation by tweeting #becrueltyfree and #takeoffyourMAsC to gain traction and raise awareness of the impending discussion.


We would host a rally for the passing of The Humane Cosmetics Act, which is currently in Congress. We would call upon all supporters to retweet a scripted tweet, tag their senator, and hopefully become trending. We will periodically tweet the link to sign the petition and take the pledge.


We will partner with PETSMART, or other animal friendly business to engage followers.


Looking back on the Abuse Isn't Beautiful #takeoffyourMAsC Campaing

The goal of the campaign is two-fold: gain signatures on a petition for anti-animal testing legislation and boycott companies that use animal testing, while simultaneously equating natural beauty to the untainted beauty of animals.

The campaign will seek to join current discussions, while increasing the popularity of the hashtag, #takeoffyourMAsC.

Post December 31st, the team will reconvene and discuss strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. We will brainstorm how to mend any failures throughout the campaign. For example, if google analytics demonstrate that the older demographic was more active than originally thought, the next campaign will use Facebook as a primary platform.

We will..

  • gather KPI metrics
  • conduct campaign retrospective
  • use data analytics [google analytics] to track success of campaign


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