Marching For Equal Rights From Selma to Montgomery March 7, 1965 marching for African American voting rights. by: Sadie Maxfield

Showdown in Selma- Summary
The marchers on Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Showdown in Selma is Mostly about what people call "Bloody Sunday". Bloody Sunday was on Sunday March 7, 1965. The author explains that it was supposed to be a peaceful march, but started to get violent. This is because of the 600 marchers meeting up with 200 police officers telling them to go back. The author explains the violence done there and the people who got hurt. For example, the author states "When the marchers refused to turn around, the police beat them with clubs and shot tear gas into the crowd." Many people were hurt or killed. They left on a different march (same route) 5 days later. In the end the article says that the state governor finally agree secured the African Americans rights to vote.

Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 -Summary
A police officer beating on a African American marcher.

"Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965" is mostly about after and during the Second march to Montgomery. In the article the author made it seem that the marchers had a lot of support. For example, the author said that they had a selma campaign, Army troopers, many whites, and even young school children helping them. The author said that there might have been more white faces than black in their church meeting before the march. The whites, who usually were in nice homes saw the poverty that African Americans had to live in.

The marchers traveled 50 miles from Selma to Montgomery.
Compare and Contrast

Both "Showdown in Selma" and "Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965" are about the same topic, but each one is focused on different parts of the event. Unlike Showdown, Marching is about during the second march, 5 days after bloody sunday, and showdown is mostly about bloody sunday. Contrary to Showdown, Marching was written by someone who was there at the event or in other words, the article was a primary source. Both of the articles

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