12 Avenida Restaurant Schematic design 2 concept

Overhead Siteview
Site Plan Existing
Proposed Site Plan with Cuna Street Close & Improvements
Proposed Roof Plan

Schematic Floor Plans


Ground Floor Plan
Enlarged Courtyard Plan with 10’ Finish Floor Elevation at New
Second Floor Plan
North Elevation (East section of Building does not reflect new design)
Proposed Courtyard Entry
Courtyard North Elevation with Entry Pergola removed to see rear wall of Courtyard
Alternate Entry Concept A
Alternate Entry Concept B
Cuna Street Rendering looking SW
Cuna Street Rendering looking SE
Courtyard Pergola Detail
Corner Dining Pavilion
Interior Courtyard view looking NE to Inlet
View looking West from Bar area into Courtyard
View looking East into Courtyard
View from Courtyard Through Street Bar to Bay
View looking NE from Arch into Courtyard

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