Good Life Performance at Constans Theatre by Mengxuan li

The Spatial Experience

What were your feelings when you entered the building or the auditorium? When I enter the theatre, I feel I am coming to a art world. A philosopher once coined an adage: " Construction is solidified art Art is flowing Construction." Because I arrive here a little early, I am the first ten audiences getting into auditorium. My seat is located at second row at left wing. I have a really great view, I even can see the detail about the actors' and actresses' costume. As the story changes, as the role changes, the abundant lighting changing effects to follow actors' and actresses' move. I enjoy the sense of vision. The auditorium is not large and all the audiences are quiet. We can totally focus on the play and join into that world.

The Social Experience

Before I come to watch the play, I search online and know the background about this play. I watch some storied about Sarah Bernhardt and I find some information about the director David Young. I think if I can know more about the play, when I watch it, I can put my heart into it. I attend this performance alone. Many people find solitude to be a pleasant experience that allows one to think, be creative, rest, or simply pass time in solitary activity. Therefore, this time I decide come here alone and enjoy my personal time. I meet a really nice girl, who help me to take a photo. She is also a student from IUF1000. In fact, both this course and this play teach us how to seek a good life.

According to the director David Young's description, in December 1905 in Quebec City, Michaud, a young seminarian longing for the ecstasy of the theatre, dedicated his first play to his idol, the Divine Sarah Bernhardt, who, like a sudden blaze of light, has appeared in his somber city (Young). Before I see this play, I can imagine culturally defined roles from a different time, but that time isn't a part of my life. However, after I watch this, I have a new opinion. Life, Always have black time, search for quietly, wait for dawn silently. In fact, hope can even be found in the most darkest of times. The environment is worst, we can create good personal life by ourselves and try to help others to change.

The Emotional Experience

Katharsis is the Greek word for process of “coming clean.” In Dr. Pagan's lecture, she explains lots of details about "come clean". Katharsis comes forth in the dissertation about the function of tragedy which was produced by Aristotle.Affecting the western drama and other styles, Aristotle's Katharsis theory is a remarkable content of western literary theory and western aesthetics (Pagan). Today, The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provide us an opportunity for katharsis. Roles in this play, use their actions to express their attitude. At the beginning, they don't realize that the society has problems. Some of them live at the foot of the social ladder and some of them live in higher circle. When they meet each other, they become friends and write the play together. But in this process, they have found some problems. They finally know that despite of the great change of world and his rank in the society, we always conserves our soul and life style

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