Climate Change Change in global or regional climate patterns

Climate change is real


Subsurface- The strata underneath the Earth’s surface. It is critical to understand this word because by taking the subsurface temperatures of the Earth it easy for the scientists to prove climate change exists. Also, by obtaining this information they are able to use it to get other information from it.

Paris agreement- it is an agreement between United Nations for the change of climate and help the world reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. This is important because the current president would like to end this between the United states. That is bad because the agreement is to help reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth.

Greenhouse gases- A greenhouse gas is something that emitted into the Earth's atmosphere. There already are some greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and humans are pushing that to its limits.

Partisanship- being bias to something. This is important to know because when people are voting for their president they only listen to what they believe in. So even scientists, when there is evidence to something that they don’t believe in they refuse to believe it.

Orthodoxy- adhering to the correct opinion. People should be accepting that climate change is real because there is evidence proving all of it. They need to stop only listening to the side they believe in and start becoming more open-minded.

Infrared radiation- it is electromagnetic radiation; some of the different rays include microwaves and radiowaves. This is a good word to know because the when the earth's surface is heated by solar rays, they turn into infrared radiation and can cause harm to humans eyes.

Greenhouse Effect- the atmosphere is heated and then it heats the earth’s surface. The Earth would not be that heated if the atmosphere would lose some of the heat. This is important because greenhouse gases cause climate change and cause the Earth to heat up.

Some words you should know

Why do people not believe that climate change is fake? What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

People are believing that it is fake because they seek out details that confirm their beliefs. Most of these believers have belief perseverance, which means that even after receiving details of how their belief is false even with scientific evidence, they refuse to believe it. The article Here’s Why People Do Not Believe in Climate Change, by Natasha Bertrand states that one respondent said, "I think there are just trends where the temperature goes up and down as part of a natural cycle every couple of hundred years." (Bertrand 2014). A stat from The Daily Caller found that 91% of Americans are not worried about climate change. They are not afraid because they do not believe the facts they are faced with. When faced with the facts, they become angry and ignore the facts. Global warming and climate change are very similar. An article called What is the Difference Between Climate Change and Global Warming, found, “Global warming causes climate change, so the 2 terms are very much related”. But there are differences between the two of them. Some of the differences are that global warming is the Earth’s average heat and climate change includes that and the change of wind, precipitation, length of seasons and extreme weather changes. Some changes because of climate change are driven by humans such as: driving cars, eating meat, wasting energy, etc.

Scientists have proven that climate change is real.

What is a climate driver? Is there any way that could reduce this by a lot?

The climate is influenced by many things. A climate driver according to is something that influences the ecosystem. Examples of a driver are: habitat change, climate change, and pollution. Humans are a climate driver because they influence the change in climate by many things. They produce tons of CO2. There are ways to reduce this. A major way to reduce this is by eating less meat. Cows emit tons of methane which is a major global warming gas. A stat from The Guardian states that by eating less meat you can reduce your carbon by 20%. It may seem like a small number but anything helps when it comes to the environment and saving it. There are ways to reduce this large amount of CO2 but there will always be natural greenhouse gases.

Have we reduced the amount of greenhouse gases? Is there any way we can not emit any greenhouse gases?

Humans are the main reasons for the excess amount of greenhouse gases. The gases have been increasing and decreasing throughout the year. A stat from the website found that, “Since 2005, in the United States greenhouse gases emission has decreased by 7%.” Greenhouse gases are natural but there is a limit to the natural aspect of it. Humans push that limit and create more than necessary. Of course there are multiple ways to reduce this. The Union of Concerned Scientists gives specific things your city and you can do to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Cities can put a limit on how much carbon that polluters can emit. Create new ways to renew energy. At home, people can buy appliances that use less energy. People can carpool together and/or take the bus. Funny how people are the main cause of climate change, yet they do not believe it is happening.

There are tons of ways to help reduce the emission of carbon into the air

Why do people think that climate change is not happening? Why do they blame it on other countries when their own is also producing greenhouse gases?

Believe it or not certain leaders like to blame other countries for climate change

Climate change is happening. Scientists have proven that it is happening. A website named Why Do Most Conservatives Still Refuse To Believe in Climate Change, found a stat that states,” 97% of climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming.” Yet they don’t believe that it is real. Scientists have also found that when conservatives have more scientific knowledge on the topic, they tend to believe even less than someone with less knowledge. Graham Readfearn from The Guardian states, “Rich countries are desperate to avoid taking the blame for the impacts of climate change on nations with a lot less money but an awful lot more to lose (like their entire country).” So by not taking some of the blame instead of just losing money they would be losing their whole country too. It would be better to admit to being an accomplice to climate change so you do not lose your whole country and then you can figure out how to reduce your impact on the climate. Even though humans are the main cause of climate change, there are other causes to climate change too such as: animals, volcanoes, natural disasters, etc.

What are other natural causes to climate change? Why do animals produce so much methane?

Other things cause climate change too. Not just humans.

Humans are not only the main source for causing climate change. There are many natural causes too. A natural cause for climate change is volcanoes. The level of volcanic activity has been increasing since the beginning of the Industry Revolution. A website called the EPA found that volcanoes release large quantities of CO2 into the air. That is not helping the already large amount that humans are giving off. Another big producer in methane is cows. According to the Times For Change website, one cow produces 70 to 120 kg of methane a year. Methane is much worse than CO2 which is bad because there are about 1.3 billion cows on the earth.

Bill Nye explains climate change in 4 minutes


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