Eco-Friendly tips for boating 🦈

Simple Eco-Friendly tips for leisure boating to lessen your environmental footprint on our oceans

Whether you’re taking out the tinnie for a fish or your friends for a camping trip, let’s look at what you can do to really lesson your impact on our aquatic playground.

We need to consider our fragile environment when we are driving our boats. Be aware of coral reefs and when snorkelling, take extra care as the coral can be very delicate. Reducing your speed and lightening your loads will ensure you are using your fuel more efficiently too.

If you’re fishing you can now purchase biodegradable fishing line, who would of thought? Check out Bioline - it breaks down over time so your lost line doesn’t sit in our waters for ever. There is an array of eco-friendly tackle available which is a positive choice and outcome. Try to leave the big fish as they are vital to the health of our fish stocks. If you are filleting your fish on board wrap your fish waste in newspaper and compost it in your garden waste – the garden beds will love it. If you are camping out on the boat take a bar of sailor soap, it is environmentally friendly, serves as a soap bar and shampoo, lathers up in salt water and is gentle on the skin.

General litter can be devastating to our oceans wildlife. Choose biodegradable and compostable bin liners to store rubbish on board until you can dispose of it back at shore. We can now picnic in a sustainable way by using Eco Reusable or compostable plates, cups and cutlery. Palm leaf Bio products are available online and are a great alternative to single use plastic items. If you’re taking the thermos with you consider shopping eco friendly tea bags – there are so many Australian owned Eco friendly products online at your fingertips.

Remember every sustainable choice moves us closer towards positive change and once we are in the habit of making it part of our lives - we will make an impact.

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