Albert Einstein One of the smartest people in scinece and engineering

Albert Einstein as a kid growing up through middle age through older age

Albert Einstein born March 14, 1879 , in Germany and died in 1955 Albert Einstein was smart in science,technology,and engineering and his brain was different from anyone during his Autopsy. As a child Albert was exposed to engineering and science he attended the schools university of Zurich, Zurich,aargau cantonal schools,Albert Einstein gymnasium.Albert Einstein accomplishments was the atom bomb that was used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As every on when they’re grown up they drink coffee like me but Albert Einstein he a least drank up to 50 cups of coffee. When Albert Einstein died he donated his body to science and when they were looking at his brain there was a big difference, the brain was a little bigger and the details of the brain did not match any others brain so that made people think that he was smarter because his brain was different. The atom bomb while building the atom bomb Einstein was told that Germany was building one too, but after almost completion he found out it was for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He tried to take action but it was too late and he said he regretted working on it.Some people think they know a lot about Einstein but some did not notice this but he was actually Jewish. Albert Einstein died from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and he said he wanted to end his life and his death elegantly came in April 18 1955. Talking about Albert’s brain they actually gave pieces of his brains to people.

Albert Einstein as a child one of Albert’s struggles was when he was a baby he only learned to speak at a late age. Albert Einstein knows 3 languages he speaks German,French,English of course. Albert Einstein, a German-born physicist is known for his famous equation’ “E-mc2. He spent his early years in operating an electrical equipment business in the city. When the days were almost over for Albert Einstein he said some words German and took 2 breathes and died and the nurse did not know German so Albert Einstein last words are lost for ever.The person who did study on Albert Einstein brain his name is Harvey and when he is remembered about the brain he has a painful chain of events like flash backs. The first scientific paper wrote was at age 16 amazing. When Einstein was born his head was a different size in the back but changed to normal 2 weeks later. Age 17 Albert Einstein he almost join the military but he avoided it throughout out his years. Einstein liked violin and also likes classical music which his favorite type of music.

Albert Einstein as a child it was difficult for him because he was a slow learner and explains why he could only speak and age 4 to 5. At zürich Einstein met some some of his lifelong loyal friends and met a Siberian woman which later became his wife. Einstein and Marci had a daughter named lieserl and which people predicted that she could of died of a sickness or put for adoption but we know that they had a daughter. Albert Einstein worked at a Swiss patent office. It was in his paper on which had equivalence of matter and energy his famous formula is E=mc2. Einstein eventually became director of kaiser Wilhelmina institute for physics and served from 1913 to 1933. Einstein’s prediction of the expansion of the universe was actually accurate. Einstein at the age of 15 was brilliant and mathematics and actually mastered calculus.

This one is a history video on Albert Einsteinium

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