Women's March women's rights should be fought for!


Protest: a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

Anti-suffragist: Person against women voting

feminist: people who want woman's rights

coeducation: education of men and women

Civil disobedience: Refuse to obey law to promote change in nonviolent manner

lobby: trying to convince law makers to pass laws in your favor

Will this march really help for women’s rights?
  • Protesters believe the march is helpful for the women’s rights because of immigration, health care and a general antipathy to Trump. Also people wanted to show support for women’s rights during Trump's presidency. Joanne Gascoyne says "I'm really here for women and to inspire my granddaughters to carry on.” The women’s march movement inspired the youth to stand up for their rights.
Does this show if there’s a impact on policy and election in the future?
  • Their message was that many people seen themselves as the main point of a movement that could have a real impact on policy and elections for the future. The success of the march shows its message to rally the important roots of activism. According to Evan Siegfried he states that “Working to address issues of importance to the Women’s March movement will not only help to protect Republicans from backlash manifesting itself in future election losses, but also combat the falsehood that the party is engaged in a war on women.” This explains that Republicans will be protected by the women’s march because of how strong the movement is growing.
Why should Trump take away women's rights?
  • There are three women of color who are co-chairing the event with other organizers. Even though the earliest women’s protests happened before there was a reason to even say the political action “organizing.” According to Michelle Dean she says "Resistance to Trump, as a goal, has the potential to finally get American women out of the holding pattern the divided opinions of Americans." This means the movement thats against Trump is going to help women be allowed to have rights as equals.
How come feminist men were included in the women’s march?

Men went to the rally for women and gender equality also stand up for other marginalized groups and pressing issues. In the view of Jossif Ezekilov he says, “for too long the women’s movement has not had male participation. Even the most liberal men among us have seen this as a women’s only issue.” which means he wants to break down a lot of these gender barriers to helps everybody. This shows men can also attend at the march to fight for equal rights.

Marches would send a message to Trump about eradicating issues about women’s rights?
  • The understanding of the event is that it’s a protest against Trump. But he’s denied to the threats of women’s health and reproductive rights that experts say that based on his threatened defunding of Planned Parenthood.Organizers created the event to send an affirmative message that “women’s rights are human rights.” Also a protest against him somewhat show the message that so many people hope to send.
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