There is truth that is without us and within us. If we are not willing to abandon our ‘own truth; to step beyond what we know - we will eventually lose our lives and lose ourselves - circling the mulberry bush in an endless loop and progressing into increasing irrelevance. This is the life of one who has never found himself because he was not willing to die to self and all that she called ‘his.’

This is how we become spirit and life.

Speaking of the futility of being a non-person. Richard Rohr writes,

Hibernating in the False Self

“We give up eventually—or do not even try—to seek this truth and instead retreat into ourselves, as if to say, “I alone will be my reference point.” It is the most common problem of individualism and egocentricity. I think they go together. We split and retreat into ourselves, but we invariably go to our ego (small self, the False Self) because that is all we know about. It is the common default position, even if it is largely unconscious.” (1)

Living inside our self-made fictions

False doctrine and the false self are a pair who walk in the companionship of illusion. The false self is just as much a figment as the false life. Capitalism is a false life producing false selves my the million as does religion. It prodcues false gods, false selves and fabrications. Here are to be found false selves souced in a false god and poor teaching. The only teaching that is any good is that Christ is your life; that Christ is you and the fact that Christ is us.

People are alive because Christ is them

To live is Christ - that's incarnation.


We have not made it into reality until we we have moved from the old covenant to the new, until we have leapt from our coma of religion into the DAYLIGHT that is the unlimited life that is God in us. Here’e the thing: Unless Christ is our life we are not us. If Christ is our life we will become more than we ever imagined.

Real Thing. Real you. Real Jesus.

There's a new and living way of becoming authentically you: Christ your life. Not Christ your Christianity or Christ your belief system. Christ expressed as your person.

The new covenant is not a theology. It's what God did so that He would be our life and we would be sons of God.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.

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