Italia A place of culture and beautiful landscape

Italy, one of the most interesting countries in Europe, in the shape of a boot! The main language here is Italian, which is spoken by 65 million people. They have their own unique style of cooking and a beautiful landscape, it is definitely a magnificent country.

Pizza, is one of the most adored and loved foods in the world but it was actually made first in 1889 to honour the queen of Italy at the time, Queen Margarita of Savoy. This is where the Neapolitian maker of the pizza got the name 'Margarita'.

Italy is home to some of the most recognisable and lovable foods in the world. This includes Pizza, Pasta, Polenta, Gnocchi, Lasagna and Gelato. However the most loved Pasta does not originate from Italy because Marco Polo, a merchant trader from Venice, brought it back from China. Another famous ingredient in many great Italian recipes, tomatoes, were actually taken over to Italy from Peru.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda Is a scenic and popular tourist attraction in the north of Italy. It has an area of 143 square miles and has a beautiful view of the mountains ahead. It also has numerous small islands: the largest being: Isola de Garda.

Italy's brilliant sights
Some of Italy's most beautiful sights.

Italy has many lakes, mountains and beautiful beaches but they are incredibly prone of earthquakes. This is because Italy is on the point of contact between the Eurasian tectonic plate and the African tectonic plate. Two big earthquakes hit Italy last year, one in August and one in October, that both measured over 5.5 on the magnitude scale (that's quite big!)

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a magnificent 189 meters long and 156 meters wide and was made in 80 AD! It has over 80 entrances and can sit up to 50,000 people. The Colosseum was used for lions to fight Gladiators and consequently 500,000 people lost their lives due to the fighting and many lions also lost their lives.

A painting of a lion fighting a gladiator in the Colosseum.
Italy's Flag

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