The Stranger Shakeera Jenkins

He was at peace being alone. He sat all on his own at a library table. His backpack lay sprawled out indicating that he had in fact claimed the table for the time being. His phone was nicely perched in between his hands. His head slightly cocked downward allowing him to view. He didn't look up to see who had passed by. He didn't care to know who was giggling in the back corner, he just kept to himself. He was calm and collected, completely at peace with being alone. He remained in his position, the only movements he made were when his lips pressed together or gave a slight grin. He wouldn't take his eyes away from his phone. His hair was swished to left, like a bowl of well conditioned spaghetti wrapped around his head. Each dark brown strand of lively hair lay perfectly on his head. He had a very chiseled face, his jaw structure was that of a grown man. His cheek bones were higher up on his face. Those bones allowed him to have an unusual characteristic that was very aesthetically pleasing. He was definitely blessed with profound facial features that really worked in his favor. His face looked years older than his adolescent body. His eyebrows were thick and dark, they stayed together, for his face rarely changed from his pressed position. Florida must have been a common vacation destination for him and his family, his skin was sun kissed. The perfect golden brown covered his body. He had the color that most girls longed for but they just couldn't achieve such a beautiful color. He wore a brand new dark black sweatshirt with the word "Ohio" written across it in extremely large letters. You could be standing from the other side of a football field and would still be able to read those huge letters clearly. He had a calmness about him, he was at peace with being alone where as most would outwardly show their intolerance for being alone. Time passed, minute after minute his body never moved. His neck lay in the same position.

Then I took another long glimpse at this very pleasing character. He wasn't a real person anymore, he was lost in social media. The phone had taken over his being, no longer was he a regular teen guy, he was just a corpse siting in a chair. Was there more to him than just being glued to what was happening in the outside world? Instead of talking to the girl with the pretty blond hair and the long eyelashes in person, he hid behind his screen and liked her Instagram pictures. Instead of actually going and meeting the girl in the corner of his English class he decided that following her on Twitter. Instead of hanging out with his friends that he once had, he decided that wasting the last bit of his data watching their stories was worth it. He sat alone, isolating himself from the physical real connections with others. We are all like him, we think its good enough scrolling through countless pictures that we really couldn't care less about, getting ourselves into trouble over nonsense. Creating memories isn't truly worth more than a few likes and comments. We take posed pictures, most of the pictures we like aren't even framing a true moment.

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