Apply to become a Templates Contributor help creatives & professionals with high quality projects

Why Templates?

Templates can help creatives and working professionals skip to the parts of their work that matter most.

Templates of all kinds save time

Templates help target whatever is lacking in the "trifecta" of design hiring. Are you lacking in time? Money? Expertise? Our Designers optimize each piece for the app and intended use, helping cut straight to the chase and let you get back to the part of your process that you enjoy.

Templates make you more $$$

Since Designers are putting their expertise into each piece, we're offering a significantly higher royalty rate than "Stock" content. At 40% royalty payouts, we're finding that Agencies and individuals alike are making more on Adobe Stock than on other sites.

We're bringing Design work right into the apps

We're promoting the best of the best Templates right in our software. Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign are showing Featured Templates in-app. Not only do we give you a bonus for the increased production quality, we're showing your work to millions of Creative Cloud subscribers every time they open a new project, and linking to your Artist Page on Adobe Stock.

What qualify as Templates?

Templates are any "Functional Design" that helps start a project, specifically with editable content that helps build a project. We love good, useful design! This includes:

  • Mockups
  • Print layouts
  • Digital layouts

User Interface kits

  • Layered scenes or image composites

... to name a few.

Things this does not include? Background images, illustrations, and bad designs.

What's required in each submission?

  • Template file: must be .indt, .ait, or .psdt
  • Preview image: must be exactly 2048px by a min. of 1536px and named Preview1.jpg
  • Thumbnail image: must be exactly 2048px by 1424px and named Thumbnail.jpg
  • Metadata form filled out

See the full specs for:

& make sure you follow all the rules...


Created with images by coyot - "white paper texture"

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