TLVS vocal-free rock music

  • "TLVS is certainly shaping their own path, which is particularly admirable in a field where many artists don't strive to do the same." - Raised By Gypsies
  • "Big drums catching all the subtle intonations of hits, a vibrato guitar slowly picking up and lifting our skinny turntables to heaven." - 7 Inches
  • "The ever-changing textural beauty of the band's music lends itself to some rewarding & cathartic listening experiences." - RVA Magazine
  • "TLVS is an ambient cosmic ride, touring all the planets and stars and leaving nothing out. You feel all the universe move around you as you're pulled in." - Get Off The Coast

TLVS is comprised of the following members:

  • Joey Wright: Keys, Samples
  • Nathan McGlothlin: Drums, Percussion
  • Joe Morgan: Guitars



  • Maybe one day soon...after the world settles down a bit?


  • 04/04/20: CANCELLED (global pandemic)
  • 04/02/20: CANCELLED (global pandemic)
  • 01/25/20: Speakertree (Lynchburg VA) w/ Toan Team, Bantustans
  • 01/10/20: Taphouse Grill (Norfolk VA) w/ L.A. Dies, Bantustans, Static Collector
  • 12/07/19: Rivermont Pizza (Lynchburg VA) w/ Colin Phils, L.A. Dies
  • 09/28/19: Academy Center (Lynchburg VA) **HSAL #50 **
  • 05/02/19: The Ellington (Lynchburg VA) w/ Sound Of Ceres, Ian Chang
  • 03/24/19: Trollingwoord Brewery (Greenville NC) w/ Benjamin Mauch, Secret Boyfriend, Bryce Eiman, honeybrandy, & more ** SPAZZ FEST X **
  • 02/22/19: The Ellington (Lynchburg VA) w/ Good Dog Nigel, New Boss
  • 01/05/19: Speakertree (Lynchburg VA) w/ The Bergerons, Toan Team
  • 10/27/18: Toast (Norfolk VA) w/ You're Jovian, Long Division
  • 10/20/18: Lynchstock (Lynchburg VA) w/ Good Dog Nigel, You're Jovian
  • 08/11/18: Speakertree (Lynchburg VA) w/ Landing, Gardener, Opin
  • 05/03/18: Speakertree (Lynchburg VA) w/ Suburban Living
  • 04/06/18: Speakertree (Lynchburg VA) w/ You're Jovian, Friendlie
  • 11/18/17: Craddock-Terry Gallery (Lynchburg VA) w/ Sound Of Ceres, Advance Base


Photos courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin, Nathan McGlothlin, Samuel Miller, Amanda Morgan, Stefanie Murza, & Nick Scheetz.


The first mention of "The Late Virginia Summers" or "TLVS" was on the b-side to a 7" single put out by Cherub Records out of Richmond VA in the spring of 2004 (the a-side was another band that Nathan was in). After a few years & a few rounds of musical chairs, TLVS settled into a form reminiscent of their current incarnation at the beginning of 2009. As a duet, Joe & Nathan began writing music & playing shows around the mid-Atlantic states, with friends sitting in for the occasional "bigger" shows.

By 2015, Joey was playing most dates & was featured on some of the bonus material for the band's second LP, "I Can Dream All Day". The move from duo to trio was made official & the band began working on a self-produced EP, "Wild Strawberry", which surfaced in the spring of 2018.

Since 2009, TLVS has called the Harding Street Assembly Lab home for all recording projects, which includes two full length LP's, a 10" EP, a 7" single & a handful of digital releases.

To date, the group has shared stages with Chris Schlarb (Joyful Noise), Chris Staples (Barsuk), Creepoid (No Idea), Eternal Summers (Kanine), Helado Negro (RVNG), Landing (El Paraiso), The Love Language (Merge), Mountains (Thrill Jockey), MV & EE (Woodsist), Sound Of Ceres (Joyful Noise), Unwed Sailor (Burnt Toast Vinyl), & Yndi Halda (Big Scary Monsters), as well as dozens of the region's best independent rock acts.


  • BOOKING: Nathan McGlothlin 434.485.4033
  • EMAIL: thelatevirginiasummers@gmail.com
  • INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/thelatevirginiasummers
  • FACEBOOK: facebook.com/tlvssound


Band cover photo: Tori Goodman.