Olivia Haefner My Story

My dog, My BFF, and the Journalism conference in Iowa City.

My name is Olivia Haefner I am a sophomore at Kennedy high school. I have two triplet brothers who are the same age as me and two twin sisters who are off at college. I enjoy reading, my dogs, and hanging out with friends.

The reason I started journalism is because I've always had an interest in media and literature. I'd find myself becoming obsessed with different pieces of literature and enjoying writing or sharing my opinion. Journalism seemed like it would be right up my alley, so I enrolled in the Torch. When I first joined the Kennedy newspaper, I had no idea how to even write simple stories. I felt scared to join because of my minimal experience, little did I know the others in my class felt the same way. I took Introduction To Media to help me learn how to produce stories, photos, and pages. This class helped me because once I learned the basics of journalism I was then able to apply this to my work. I'm not saying learning and applying writing wasn't hard, but the one thing that always keep me going was what one of my teachers said to me "A good writer takes the mediocre writer at first".

The best advice I'd give to others is that they should realize the significance of journalism, writing, media, and literature. It's so important and will get you so far in life. I promise you, you'll never regret putting effort into your writing.

One of my favorite moments in Torch so far is after writing a story about a book one a Kennedy teacher was writing she had the most gratitude towards me. She called my story beautiful and that feeling of accomplishment inspired me to continue making my very own "beautiful pieces of writing".

Being in Torch is a bigger responsibility then normal classes because most of the time you have to use out of school hours to finish your story, pages, interviews etc. Now that I am the Feature Editor of Torch I have more responsibility, I don't mind though I enjoy the role of leadership and I think it improves my journalism skills. When taking this class I knew it would be beneficial in the future for me. Journalism will help me write my essays in college, communicate with strangers, conduct interviews, ask the right questions, and fact check everything. Those are just a few examples of how journalism is helping me now and how it will help me in the future.

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