Olivia Haefner My TORCH STORY

Sophie my uncles new pup, Roberta the foreign exchange student I met this year, and the Spring 2018 issue.

My name is Olivia Haefner I am a Junior at Kennedy high school. I have been apart of the Torch family for 3 years now. This year I am the Co Editor-in-Chief.

The reason I started journalism is because I've always had an interest in media and literature. I'd find myself becoming obsessed with different pieces of literature and enjoying writing or sharing my opinion. Journalism seemed like it would be right up my alley, so I enrolled in the Torch. When I first joined the Kennedy newspaper, I had no idea how to even write simple stories. I felt scared to join because of my minimal experience, little did I know the others in my class felt the same way. I took Introduction To Media to help me learn how to produce stories, photos, and pages. This class helped me because once I learned the basics of journalism I was then able to apply this to my work. I'm not saying learning and applying writing wasn't hard, but the one thing that always keep me going was what one of my teachers said to me "A good writer takes the mediocre writer at first".

The best advice I'd give to others is that they should realize the significance of journalism, writing, media, and literature. It's so important and will get you so far in life. I promise you, you'll never regret putting effort into your writing.

Through out these three years being in Torch has taught me a lot of things. This year it gave me the experience of being a leader and what that meant in journalism. I think Torch will benefit me in the future and I can't wait to improve my journalism skills.

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