Illnesses/deformities kaitlyn jetter 6 period

What role do illnesses/deformities play in the novel? Discuss why so many characters have reoccurring medical issues throughout the novel.

The people we love are always gone far too quickly. The Kite Runner is a fictional novel by Khaled Hosseini. The book takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan. Where the main character, Amir, has an undefying conflict that he has to over come. Amir and his father, Baba, move to America for a better life, and better opportunity for Amir to start over. Hosseini illustrates illnesses/dedormities throughout the novel because everyone amir ever loved has an illness/deformity displayed in Ali, Baba, and Sohrab.

Amir loves Ali, but Ali has paralysis and polio.Ali was genuine man, but didn't have any facial expressions because of paralysis. "People say that eyes are windows to the soul. Never was that more true than Ali, who could only reveal himself through his eyes."(8) To Amir, Ali could tell a whole story of emotions to Amir. Amir had to learn to be able to tell how Ali was feeling through his eyes. That's what Amir loved about Ali, and Ali's illness cause the love between them. While Ali and Hassan were going to the bazaar, kids around the block make fun of Ali for his limping caused by polio. "Some had taken to calling him Babalu, or Boogeyman."(8) Amir felt bad for Ali because he is so genuine, and has a deformity the other kids don't understand. Amir still loves Ali, despite his limp. Ali's reoccurring medical issues teach Amir to love Ali despite his medical issues, and to look beyond his deformities and still love him.

Amir learns to develop a love for Baba when it is too late and Baba has lung cancer. Amir caught Baba coughing up blood, and decided to take him to the doctor because of his adnormal symptoms. "It turned out that like satan, cancer had many names. Baba's was called 'Oat Cell Carcinoma.' Advanced. Inoperable." (155-156) Amir knew that there was nothing to do for the advanced cancer Baba had, but to be grateful for the remaining time he had left with Baba. Since Baba's time was running out, Amir wanted Baba to see him transition into a man, but Amir didn't know how he was going to live without Baba. "You're twent-two years old Amir! A grown man!... All those years, that's what I've been trying to teach you... Now he was gone. Baba couldn't show me anymore; I'd have to find it on my own."(154&157) Amir realized everything Baba did for him, and how he is on his own without Baba. He loved Baba and didn't want to imagine living without him. Baba's illness taught Amir how to love sooner, and to appreciate his time with the people he loves.

Amir wants to love Sohrab like Hassan loved him, despite of Sohrab's depression. Rahim Kab calls Amir to come back to Pakistan because he is very ill, and has information to tell Amir. "They named him Sohrab... he's in an orphanage... I want you to bring him here."(211&220) Rahim had to tell Amir that Hassan had a son, Sohrab, and wanted him t him to bring him back with Amir. It was the least Amir could do for Hassan. Amir had to face obstacles trying to adopt Sohrab, and had to face the Taliban officials, Assef. Assef didn't want Amir to leave alive, so Amir was beaten with Assef's brass knuckles while trying to leave with Sohrab. "I pushed the door open. Stepped into the bathroom. Suddenly i was on my knees, screaming.... 'I want my old life back'"(343-354) Amir was trying to adopt Sohrab when he found him in the bathtub with cuts on his wrists. Sohrab was tired of not having a family to love him, being an orphan, and not knowing if Amir could adopt him after facing Assef. He wanted Hassan back to have a dad that loved him. That was Amir's goal, to love Sohrab like Hassan did. Since Sohrab suffered from depression, Amir was lucky to find him in time to keep him alive, and give Sohrab the love he deserved. Amir loved Sohrab like he was his own kid, because it was what he owed Hassan, for all the love Hassan gave to him. Sohrab' depression made Amir thankful to be able to love someone like it's the last time being able to.

Everyone Amir ever loved had a illness/deformity to teach him life lessons. They were reoccurring medical issues, so Amir could look beyond and see the meaning of life and the good in everyone. The illnesses/deformities shaped Amir in becoming himself and learning to love illustrated in Ali, Baba, and Sohrab.


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