EASY: entrepreneurial and skillful Youth Educational Resources

We believe that only increased capacity and skills can help young people build their own future. Our project starts from the knowledge that the RIGHT TO WORK is the very basis for our freedom and students are required to adapt themselves to an ever-changing environment to create their own working life. There are 6 countries cooperating and collaborating within this project: Italy (coordinator), Czech Republic, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria and Latvia.

Strategic Partnerships for school education KA2 Project No. 2014-1-IT02-KA201-003981 3

The two years long cooperation among six different nationalities has grown into a great friendship for both teachers and students. Moreover, entrepreneurship is a value not simply because we experience it in our particular field – it is the ability to CREATE and BUILD something from practically nothing, the knack of sensing an opportunity where others see chaos, contradiction and confusion and taking new approaches to solving a host of problem.

Project participants have learned new skills: adapt to change, be flexible, manage goals and time, work independently, interact effectively with others - especially in an INTERCULTURAL SOCIETY, work effectively in diverse teams, manage projects, produce results, guide others, be responsible to others.

Moreover, the project resulted in developing of an online platform with opened educational resources for non-formal education, motivating young people in the field of their professions in the future. Here you can find the methodological materials developed by the project partners concerning each of the covered topics. There were six aspects of 21st century skills that were improved during the project lifetime.

1. Language skills and Entrepreneurship

2.Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


4. Non formal learning

4. ICT and communication

6. Entrepreneurial skills and ICT

To get more information and interesting facts about the project activities visit our project homepage.

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