Garden for the Disabled By: Annemarie

Design Brief

I will design and make a garden for the disabled, specifically for people in a wheelchair. I will make sure to make the garden very safe, while still have it being aesthetically pleasing.

Mind Map

I am thinking of making a garden for people in a wheelchair. I will have rails, handrails, and lots of colorful plants with some animals and running water.


In this website, there are some useful tips for people who want to garden while disabled such as tools they can use.

In this website, there are some more useful tips that I can take inspiration from like accessibility and tips.



Below are some images that will portray what I want my garden to look and feel like.

Research plan
This is a rough drawing of my garden

Video analysis

Here is the video I made about my garden's design. I made it about safety, customer, and aesthetics.


Here are the results for the survey I sent out. For the last question, it was split equally between All of the above and Workers walking around to help. So, to ensure safety, I will use all of the above.
This is my final annotated drawing of my garden.

I included all of the above elements so that my garden will be aesthetically pleasing, have nice sounds, and be safe.

Here is a link to my peer assessment and self assessment grades for my work so far.

Here is a link to my specification points.

My four annotated design ideas

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4

Design review



My finished Marquette

Top, front, and side view of my prototype


My product was pretty successful because (as you'll see below) people liked my design and thought that it was safe. I think that it would be a good design for people with a disability because it is easy to move around and there is a lot of colorful plants.

My final feedback

Production plan

Testing methods

Specification check



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