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I never expected to return to college after leaving Johnson University (Johnson Bible College when I attended) and began working for the next five years. Even while I was out of school, I wrote and took photographs on my dad's Canon to fill my creative expression. It wasn't until 2015 when I decided to return to school. The University of Tennessee was my original plan because I was interested in the Creative Writing Major offered, but East Tennessee State University became my better option. I had to move to a Journalism Major and make my minor Creative Writing, but so far it is proving worth it. During my college career, I have found a deep love for photojournalism and having a pen in my hand. When it comes time for me to graduate and pick a career, the call of missionary work will be answered. My intention is to use my writing and photography to tell the stories of whatever culture I become a part of as well as tell the story of my family. I plan to take my pen, notebook, Canon T6, and future husband on incredible adventures.

I love taking photos of all kinds of animals; large and small, scaly or furry. All photos are from the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri. A zookeeper gives attention to a Galapagos turtle (top left). A leaf frog stares back at the lens (bottom left). The snow leopard stares over at the noisy zebras curiously (right).

Lincoln is an interesting kind of dog. He's the two-year-old of a female purebred black Labrador Retriever (now deceased) and a male unknown dog. His fur is too long for a lab and his tail curls upward at it waves in excitement. He hardly listens unless he knows food is on the other side of the command. He gets jealous when attention is not on him. He's under 50 pounds and scared of far too much. Lincoln is an interesting kind of dog.

I try to tell stories with the photos I take. I want viewers to be in awe of a location or simply experience just a taste of the world. These photos are almost a month after the Gatlinburg, Tennesse fire. A shell of a car sits in front of what used to be a home (top left). Metal is twisted and melted in unusual ways beside a brick chimney (top middle). The frame of a burnt building sits atop a hill (top right). The lift's building at the top is gone (left). Scorch marks are evident in contrast to what the fire missed (bottom top right). What is left of the Smokey Mountain Castle (bottom right).
A past time of mine is origami and when I can create something from a movie or book that I love, I become joyful and proud to be a part of that fandom. Origami is also soothing and a great way for my stress to be folded away... (did you see what I did there?)
These photos are only a fraction of the several geeky items I have collected over the years. From stuffed animals to vinyl figures to television series DVDs, I have collected a lot. A Russian doll sits on one of my many bookshelves (top). The Game of Thrones TV series sits obviously between several TV shows and movies (middle left). The Newt Scamander and Pickett (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) vinyl figures are new to my geeky collection (middle right). Most of the kawaii ('cute' in Japanese) stuffed animals came from the Doki Doki Crate provided by Japancrate (bottom).
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Photos provided are taken by Sydney Rogers.

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