bag and shoes leather

Be situational in setting up bags and shoes Each situation needs its own bag and shoes; Just as it is not possible to attend a wedding with a leather and sporty women’s backpack, it is not possible to go to class with a high heel and a clutch bag at university. That’s why you need to understand the environmental conditions in which you are going to be present and then start shopping. In general, flat heels or sneakers with backpacks and large bags are suitable for everyday situations, and high heels and small bags are used for formal occasions.

This is also a flexible bag! If you do not like baggy bags, we recommend this bag model of Mashadleather. This all-leather bag fits over your shoulders the way you want it to and fits in with the items you put in it.

Of course, by choosing this model, you should also take the trouble to find your microfiber equipment! Inside the bag are two pockets that can be a good place for your wallet. Of course, it also has a separate pocket for mobile phones.


The advantage of natural leather over synthetic materials It is interesting to know that despite the growth and development of industry and citing the history and various uses of leather in human life, no other material has been able to replace this natural material, because it has unique advantages over other materials. Which has made it the first choice of craftsmen, designers and artists. Let’s review some of these features together.


Bags and shoes belong to different types and types; Some are suede, some are matte leather and some are varnish and glossy. Each of these genera is suitable for a specific situation. For example, using suede bags and shoes for everyday occasions is more appropriate than formal occasions.

Suppose you are going to an important party. You have chosen a small and beautiful handbag and now it is time to choose high heels. You must know that wearing high heels can cause serious injuries to the back and spine. For this reason, it is better to know the rules for the right heel size for women's shoes before choosing shoes, and then start shopping.

Another point is about the diameter of the heel and the size of the toe of the shoe. Keep in mind that rectangular and thick heels spread the weight, so less pressure is applied to the waist. The wider the toe, the more comfortable your feet will feel.