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Colene Short is a seven-month employee at the Pourhouse Cafe. Short made a classic espresso during the slow hour of her job. "My favorite part of my job is experimenting with the coffee, especially if it's slow."
David Phillips is the manager for Pourhouse. He helped customers with a politeness that made the cafe even more enjoyable. "Summer is kind of our busy time. Because of this, we have various rooms that hold many language studies and business meetings, so everyone in the community can join together."
Husband and wife, Boyd and Cathy, are regulars at the Cafe. They greeted their coffee with a smile as they talked about their experience with Pourhouse. "We come almost every day during the week. We moved from Peru, Indiana a while ago and the atmosphere reminds us of home. It's very welcoming and comfortable to be here."
Hunter Lynch tells about how the Pourhouse is beneficial to the community. The owners of the cafe, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, want to help the world in various ways. If there is money in the tip jar this month, it is donated to Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) or the Richland-Bean Blossom School Corporation (RBB) for a variety of school supplies. "It also functions as a food drive to provide food for the families in need in their community," Lynch explains.
Trista Chakraborty is another regular customer at the cafe. She explained that the cafe was one of her favorite places to work or visit. "I like Pourhouse's message to the town, because they are so passionate about helping the community."
Since Phillips is the manager, he spends quite a bit of time in Pourhouse. He talked about the busy summer hours while he was in the middle of historic Kirkwood. "We are right down the street from the Sample Gates, so our main customers are students."
Phillips talks about the slow times at the cafe. He, like Short, loved to experiment with various flavors and colors. "This is one of my favorite parts of the job- just when it's slow and we get to experiment with all of the teas and coffees."
Since Chakaborty is a regular, she knows quite a bit about the atmosphere. She loved the decorations and the colors that are used in many different ways throughout Pourhouse. "As you make your way through the cafe, it is brighter and quiet in the front and darker with music in the back. I also love the seating arrangements and how there is a table for everyone with different styles."
Short loves the messages and opportunities that the cafe provides to both the community and the world. She loved seeing different types of personalities and people that stop by for a coffee. "The Pourhouse such a fun place to work and I love it here. It's so welcoming!"
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