My Personality Type ENFJ

My personality type is ENFJ, which stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judgement. This personality type is generally associated with charisma and being known to help others. They are known to see the big picture and be able to handle multiple projects at one time. Although generally associated with organization, they may only be mentally organized and not organized in their work spaces of life. They are known for neglecting their needs for others. I feel that this is an accurate representation of my personality type.

The opposite of my personality type is ISTP, which stands for introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving. They are known to have more interest in mechanics and are known to only attempt few projects that they deem worth their time. These people have a need for personal space. They also are more against abstract learning. These people are also known for having a more sparse sense of humor that is usually demonstrated in one-liners.

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