''Malcolm X'' by Cammy s.Bourcier

lansing ''negroes in Lansing''Malcolm later wrote.p.g 16

Based on the context clues City in the michigan mostly in ingham county although extends into eaton country.

Astonished ''Amazed or surprised''pg 17

astonished amazed/suprized

''Ella recognized Malcolm's intellectual gifts and expected him to become a lawyer.'' having the power of under standing

Based on the context clues having the power of under standing

Anticipate ''What she didn't anticipate was how tempted he would be by the street life in Roxbury pg22

Based on the context clues to know something before it happens

outlandish ''The outlandish outfit consisted of bof sky blue pants and a long shoulder padded coat.''pg22

Inferior ''He'd been brainwashed into believing that black people were inferior and they had to hurt themselves to try to look handsome by white standards.pg23/24

Inferior of lower quality.

ultimately ''Malcolm ultimately got fired from his railroad job because of complaints about his nasty attitude.''pg25

ultimately indicating the most important acton.

dramatized ''He dramatized the horror of slavery for them when ever he could.''pg29

dramatized to present something indramat native

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