Homosassa students collect 1,400 pairs of glasses for Lions Club

Each year, members of the Homosassa Lions Club offer a contest to local elementary schools to see how many used pairs of eyeglasses each class can collect, and then reward the top three classes. Three classes at Homosassa Elementary School were recently rewarded and celebrated their success.

Congratulations to winning students in Angela Bennett’s fifth-grade class. Together, students collected 1,052 pairs of eyeglasses, winning themselves a pizza party celebration.

Lions club members Sue Marchetti, president; Dan and Cheryl Fox, Kathy Gordy and Dana and Barbara Comeau arrived with boxes of cheese and pepperoni pizzas, boxes of chocolate chip cookies and Capri Sun juice, and served the winning students while thanking them for all their efforts.

“The United States has strict guidelines about eyeglass lenses, so many of the glasses we collect we send outside the country,” said Lion Kathy Gordy. “We fix many of the glasses first and those we cannot use here in the states, we then send to poor countries such as India, Pakistan and others.”

Winning students were also treated to ice cream sandwiches, and teacher Angela Bennett received a $150 gift card for her classroom.

Tying for second place are students in Rich Carty’s first-grade class and Ben Barlow’s fourth-grade class. These students received ice cream, and both teachers received a gift card for their classroom valued at $100.

Lions club members thanked each classroom of students for participating in their contest. This year, students collected a combined total of 1,400 used pairs of eyeglasses.

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